Top 5 selfie spots at Space Center Houston

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite selfie locations at Space Center Houston. Don’t forget to tag Space Center Houston when you share your space selfie!

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1. Rocket Park

Rocket Park is one of our favorite selfie locations. It is home to the Saturn V rocket, the most powerful rocket ever flown, as well as other rockets and engines that make for some stellar selfies.

2. Independence Plaza

Independence Plaza is the only place in the world where you can explore (and go inside) a historic shuttle carrier aircraft with a high-fidelity shuttle replica mounted on top. This makes Independence Plaza one of the most unique and recognizable selfie locations in Space City.

3. Starship Gallery

Starship Gallery is home to our historic flown spacecraft, the lunar landscape, space robots, Moon rocks and more!

4. NASA meatball

As the official visitor center of NASA Johnson Space Center, we have multiple iconic NASA “meatball” logos that make for great photos.

5. Main plaza

Space Center Houston is a 360 degree experience. Make sure to look up during your visit so you don’t miss floating International Space Station models, astronaut suits or our Lunar Module LTA-8.

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