Explorer Camps

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Space Center Houston offers a variety of age-appropriate and inspiring camp experiences with safety top of mind. 

Our Explorer Camps introduce children ages 4-11 to science, technology, engineering and math through engaging and hands-on learning activities.

Please note that campers do not stay overnight in the multi-day camps.

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Build rockets

Design space habitats

Program robots

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Ages 4-5

Mars Explorers

March 13-17, 2023 | $299.95

5-Day Camp

This adventure camps mission is to explore Mars’ surface and its climate through science experiments and hands-on activities, including using Bee-Bot rovers. Campers will learn about Mars’ position in our Solar System and expand their knowledge of astronaut training, circuits, robotics and rocketry basics. You’ll even get to make your own Mars rock!

Ages 6-7

Journey to Mars

March 13-17, 2023 | $299.95

5-Day Camp

This five-day mission will immerse your explorer in activities that ignite their interest in science along with their sense of adventure. These young campers will have the chance to engineer multiple rockets and launch them, develop a Martian rover and landing system and design a habitat complete with a water filtration system and greenhouse that’s fit for the red planet. Along the way, your camper will participate in hands-on STEM activities. while discovering how science and technology can solve problems that astronauts face when they travel to Mars.

Lunar Explorers

December 19-23, 2022 | $299.95

5-Day Camp

During this week-long adventure, young explorers will learn what astronauts face when they travel to the Moon. Campers will find adventure by exploring the Moon’s surface with the use of robotics and technology and understand the Earth and the Moon’s place in the solar system.

Junior Space Explorers

December 26-30, 2022 | $299.95

5-Day Camp

During this week-long adventure, campers learn about astronauts, the planets, engineering, and robotics through hands-on activities. Whether exploring how gravity affects moving objects, programing a robot, or
creating solar system art, your camper is inspired to learn about the world around them and beyond.

Ages 8-9

Mars Exploration

March 13-17, 2023 | $299.95

5-Day Camp

This Martian adventure will challenge junior scientists to seek solutions to the obstacles of deep space. Learn about astronaut training, and take a deep dive into topics like geology, radiation and rocketry through immersive activities. In this camp, your explorer will design an astronaut habitat, create their own capsule and test their build, assemble a model of the solar system to understand Mars’ position from the Sun and engineer multiple rockets and launch them. Campers will also increase their knowledge of current and future Mars space missions and learn how to make decisions as a team.

Ages 10-11

Mars and Beyond

March 13-17, 2023 | $299.95

5-Day Camp

Camper’s head into the lab to discover what it takes to solve problems related to space exploration. This Martian challenge will inspire your junior engineer to collaborate and find solutions to the complications of deep space habitation. In this camp, your explorer will work with a Sphero to complete a rover challenge, build a rocket and helicopter, design a Martian habitat using LittleBits as part of the structure and solve a Mars Mystery. Campers will also learn about Mars and its place in the solar system and how astronauts are able to survive in space. 

One Day Camps

Please view the Explorer Camp Parent Guide with contact info, hours, and other frequently asked questions.

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