VIDEO: Astronaut debrief Expeditions 58, 59 & 60

Did you know humans have been living and working in space for 19 consecutive years aboard the International Space Station (ISS)?

Relive the journey of three recent space station expeditions with the astronauts and lead flight directors in this Dec. 10 astronaut debreif, only at Space Center Houston.

ISS Expedition 58, 59 and 60 astronauts and lead flight directors shared their recent mission experiences.

Astronauts include NASA astronauts Anne McClain and Nick Hague, Cosmonauts Roscosmos Oleg Kononenko and Aleksey Ovchinin, CSA astronaut David Saint-Jacques, and United Arab Emirates space flight participant Hazzaa Al Mansouri.

Flight directors include Vincent LaCourt (Expedition 58), Royce Renfrew (Expedition 59), Rick Henfling (Expedition 60).

During these missions, the crews conducted or participated in hundreds of experiments in biology, biotechnology, physical science and Earth science, including investigations into devices that mimic the structure and function of human organs, free-flying robots, editing DNA in space for the first time, recycling 3D-printed material, and an instrument to measure Earth’s distribution of carbon dioxide.

Hague, a Colonel in the U.S. Air Force, was selected as an astronaut in 2013. He was the first astronaut from his class to be assigned to a mission, which launched Oct. 11, 2018. Unfortunately, he and his crewmate Ovchinin were forced to abort the mission when a rocket booster experienced a malfunction shortly after the launch of their Soyuz MS-10. The aborted spacecraft landed safely. He launched again to the ISS March 14 as a flight engineer for Expedition 59 and 60. During the mission, he conducted three spacewalks and spent a total of 203 days in space.

Lieutenant Colonel McClain, a senior Army aviator, was also selected as an astronaut in 2013. She served as a flight engineer on Expeditions 58 and 59, and conducted two spacewalks. She has spent a total of 204 days in space. Click here to learn more about McClain.

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