Space Center Houston has more than 250,000 square feet of indoor space filled with over 400 unique space and science artifacts.

Museum rentals

Host your private event in Space Center Houston’s newest international landmark Independence Plaza. As you mingle with guests, experience the inspiring history of the Space Shuttle Program by touring NASA 905, the first shuttle carrier aircraft (SCA). Interact with seven hands-on exhibits displaying the innovation and creativity that made the Space Shuttle Program possible. Learn about the past, present and future of space exploration with colorful information graphics suspended stylishly inside the SCA.

Maximum 100 guests inside the shuttle carrier aircraft

Make your event memorable in our beautiful new events building overlooking our spectacular international landmark, Independence Plaza. Enjoy 5,000 square feet of a modern, contemporary space with an excellent view of the historic shuttle carrier aircraft NASA 905 ferrying the high-fidelity shuttle replica Independence.

The building is equipped with private restrooms and a catering kitchen. It is outfitted with audiovisual equipment perfect for everything from professional presentations to exciting entertainment. With easy access to the center’s main building, it also allows guests to spill out onto the lawn around the giant plane. This new venue option is available for both daytime and evening events. Maximum 250 standing guests | Maximum 200 dining guests

Starship Gallery is one of the most powerful settings inside Space Center Houston. Dine under the stars, indoors for a change, in the gallery that’s home to the largest moon rock on display, flown spacecraft such as Apollo 17, Mercury 9 and Gemini V, the Skylab trainer where astronauts first trained for long-duration life in space and many more artifacts. Make your event truly unforgettable with this beautiful and inspirational setting. Maximum 250 guests reception-style; maximum 150 seated
Simulate the vastness of space for your guests by hosting your event in the massive Space Center Houston Plaza. The plaza features an entertaining and educational new exhibit three times per year. The plaza is also home to Kids Space Place with colorful, hands-on interactives for children and Living in Space, which is a gallery highlighting the achievements and history of the International Space Station. Maximum 3,500 guests
Impress your guests with the remarkable setting inside Astronaut Gallery, home to the most comprehensive collection of space apparel in the world. Host your event surrounded by flight suits dating back to the first American trip into space and suits belonging to three of the first six female astronauts. Maximum 500 guests
Your guests will be amazed as they explore life on the International Space Station. Celebrate the incredible collaboration of international partners working together for the advancement of humanity. Discover how astronauts work, play and even sleep while in micro gravity. Maximum 200 guests reception-style; maximum 100 seated
The Zero-G Diner provides a multifunctional, colorful space which can accommodate anything from extravagant wedding receptions to festive birthday celebrations. Inside Zero-G diner, space comes to life with stellar geometric installations suspended from the ceiling and a display of NASA mission patches covering one wall. Maximum 500 guests

Theater rentals

Enjoy films in the five-story-tall Space Center Theater, one of the largest ultra-high-definition theaters in Texas with the latest audiovisual technology. The 4K projector and Dolby surround sound will transport you into films and documentaries as well as professional presentations. Maximum 580 guests
Make your guests feel as though they are in mission control by hosting your presentation in the Mission Briefing Center. This theater has three screens above a large, working command console that imitates mission control consoles. Maximum 207 guests
Destiny Theater has a medium sized screen. It is home to the podium President John F. Kennedy stood behind when he implored American’s to land on the moon. This theater is a perfect setting for private showing of our space-themed movie or for your company presentation or guest speaker. Maximum 180 guests

Conference room rentals

Silver Moon is a versatile space well suited for professional and personal events. It includes a built-in buffet bar, soda fountain, audiovisual equipment and private restrooms. This space is also easily accessible to the main plaza and has direct access to an outdoor patio area. Maximum 120 guests
The Club offers modern comfort in a relaxed setting while providing a spectacular view overlooking Space Center Houston Plaza. The room is perfect for business and leisure. It has a small, built-in refreshments bar as well as audiovisual equipment. This space is perfect for meetings, social gatherings, luncheons and receptions. Maximum 100 guests
The Club Conference Room provides a professional setting for a small to medium-sized group. The room is dominated by a large conference table and screen perfect for presentations. Maximum 15 guests
This space seats guests “boardroom” style around a large mahogany square table with comfortable fatigue-free chairs and built-in audiovisual equipment. Maximum 34 guests

Rental packages

Enjoy a private reception on the world’s newest landmark. Experience Space Center Houston’s very own shuttle carrier aircraft while savoring an array of specialty appetizers and crafted cocktails. 2 hours; 100 guest maximum
Experience the shuttle carrier aircraft with a private reception and tour highlighting the Space Shuttle Program. Enjoy dinner surrounded by the luscious landscape that hosts NASA 905 and the high-fidelity shuttle replica Independence. Dinner is served under tents on the surrounding grounds. 4 hours; 200 guests maximum**
Begin your event inside the shuttle carrier aircraft with a private reception and tour followed by a unique dining experience in Starship Gallery. Starship Gallery houses spacecraft flown in space as well as one-of-a-kind artifacts including one of the largest moon rocks on display that you can touch. 4 hours; 200 guest maximum**
Experience the shuttle carrier aircraft with a private reception and tour. Dine among actual spacesuits in the world’s most comprehensive collection of astronaut suits and apparel in Astronaut Gallery. 4 hours; 500 guest maximum**

Experience the shuttle carrier aircraft and NASA Johnson Space Center’s Rocket Park with revolving tours throughout the evening, fine food and a cocktail reception. Enjoy access to Space Center Houston seasonal exhibits, attractions, live shows and films. 5 hours; 3,500 guest maximum
This package explores more than 400 things to see and do at Space Center Houston. The package features six major attraction areas, as well as “traveling” exhibits, the International Space Station Gallery, Astronaut Gallery, Starship Gallery, Kids Space Place, the Mission Briefing Center, Destiny Theater and Space Center Theater. This package does not include Independence Plaza or Rocket Park. 4 hours; 3,500 guest maximum
Enjoy dinner surrounded by the most comprehensive collection of astronaut and spacesuits in the world before experiencing a film on one of the largest, ultra-high-definition theaters in Texas.4 hours; 500 guest maximum
Dine among one-of-a-kind space artifacts and flown spacecraft in Starship Gallery before seeing a film in Destiny Theater. 4 hours; 200 guest maximum

*Available before or after normal operating hours. View our hours for the year.
**A maximum of 100 guests can be inside the shuttle carrier aircraft at a time.

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