Mission Monday: Enterprise Flies Into A New Era

It had no engines. It had no heat shield. But because of it, NASA was able to go where no one had gone before…reusably. The first orbiter of the Space Shuttle Program made its first flight on Feb. 18, 1977. It was a proof of concept for the previously radical plan to make a spacecraft […]

Mission Monday: STS-60 – A new golden era in space collaboration

Today in 1994, STS-60 launched as the first flight of the year for Space Shuttle Discovery. This eight-day mission was the first shuttle mission where a Russian cosmonaut joined the crew. The STS-60 crew included commander Charles F. Bolden Jr., Pilot Kenneth F. Reightler Jr. and Mission Specialists N. Jan Davis, Ronald M. Sega, Franklin […]

Mission Monday: Space flight tragedies

Space Exploration takes courage, tenacity, and innovation. Tragically, it has also claimed the lives of three brave crews. In this Mission Monday, we are going to look back at these missions and the heroic astronauts who made the ultimate sacrifice for space exploration. Apollo 1 – Jan. 27, 1967 Gus Grissom, Ed White and Roger […]

Mission Monday: Getting to know the space station

Space Station vocabulary Module: a self-contained unit of a spacecraft Truss: a beam that serves as the space station’s backbone to which some parts are connected Airlock: an airtight room with two entrances that allows an astronaut to go on a spacewalk without letting the air out of the spacecraft Microgravity: the condition of being […]

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