VIDEO: Thought Leader Series – NASA Johnson Space Center Director Mark Geyer

NASA Johnson Space Center employs nearly 10,000 people and covers nearly 1,700 acres. Running JSC is a big job. Luckily, the new director has a long history with the storied institution.

In this Sept. 10, 2018 installment of our ongoing Thought Leader Series, hear from JSC director Mark Geyer on his new job, his public service career and the future of JSC and human space exploration.

Geyer’s career in public service has spanned 28 years and includes terms as manager of the Orion program, deputy program manager of the Constellation program, systems engineer and manager of the International Space Station office. Geyer also served in Washington, D.C. as part of the Exploration Systems Mission Directorate.

Geyer has been recognized with NASA’s Exceptional Service Medal in 2000, the Space Flight Awareness Leadership Award in 2003, the NASA Commendation Award in 2011 and the NASA Distinguished Service Medal in 2015. He was also a nominee for the Federal Engineer of the Year Award in 2012.

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