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VIDEO: Thought Leader Series – Human Robotic Interaction

Are you curious about NASA’s innovative rovers, dynamic exoskeletons, and autonomous robonauts? Learn about the future of space robotics in our June Thought Leader Series, presented by The University of Texas Medical Branch. Hear from NASA robotics experts Dr. Kimberly Hambuchen, Dr. Laura Lucier, and Maria Bualat.


Bualat is the Group Lead for the Intelligent Robotics Group at NASA’s Ames Research Center in California. Hambuchen currently serves as the chief of the Robotic Systems Technology Branch at NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC). Lucier currently serves as the Chief of the Robotics Operations branch at JSC.


For thousands of years, humans have moved into new territories, surveying and exploring, pushing the limits of discovery. Today, we look to explore deep space, a hostile and unforgiving environment where humans and robots must work together in order to succeed.

To make these missions possible, NASA is developing advanced robotic capabilities needed to survey deep space and planetary surfaces and to map the way for future human exploration.

For example, the Robotic Systems Technology Branch at JSC is responsible for the research, engineering, development, integration, and application of robotic hardware and software technologies for specific flight and ground robotic system applications in support of human spaceflight. Advanced robotic systems technology efforts include both remotely controlled and autonomous robots for space and terrestrial application, as well as intelligent robotics for high value functionality.

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