VIDEO: Thought Leader Series – Going back to the Moon: Lunar Landing

In our March Thought Leader Series, presented by The University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB), a panel of experts discuss NASA’s Human Landing System (HLS), which will land the next humans on the Moon during the Artemis Program.

The panel includes Lisa Hammond, NASA HLS associate program manager at NASA Johnson Space Center and Don Krupp, NASA HLS associate program manager at NASA’s Marshall Spaceflight Center (MSFC).

The HLS is the final mode of transportation that will take astronauts to the lunar surface in the Artemis lunar exploration program. During early missions, the astronauts will live inside the pressurized crew cabin portion of the lander for up to a week.

MSFC is leading the cross-center team responsible for the procurement of the rapid development and crewed demonstrations of the systems, which are being designed and developed by American companies.

NASA streamlined its partnering approach to empower commercial industry to meet NASA’s goal of achieving sustainability at the Moon while also expediting lander development to meet the 2024 timeline.

In April 2020, NASA announced selection of three companies to begin development on the Artemis HLS: Blue Origin, Dynetics, and SpaceX.

NASA experts are working closely with these commercial partners to build their HLS, leveraging decades of human spaceflight experience and the speed of the commercial sector to achieve a Moon landing in 2024.

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