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Be one of the first to explore the newly restored Apollo Mission Control Center.

Space Center Houston is conducting a $5 million campaign to support the restoration of Apollo Mission Control Center.

The Apollo Mission Control Center consoles are being fully restored!This important site was named in 1985 to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places in recognition of its historical significance and worthiness of preservation. Only through the efforts of Space Center Houston can the general public visit the control room area and experience its authenticity.

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The restoration of Apollo Mission Control Center will feature the authentic consoles used to monitor nine Gemini, all Apollo moon missions and 21 space shuttle missions. These missions include the flight of Apollo 11 that first landed men on the moon, the Apollo 13 mission that famously experienced an in-flight emergency and 40 other space missions.

More than just a site where history was made, Apollo Mission Control Center is a symbol of the dedicated team that made history over and over. It did so through a process that continues to inspire generations of scientists, engineers and astronauts to tackle the technological and scientific challenges of today and tomorrow. Help restore it today!

"The city of Webster, its hoteliers and hospitality partners are dedicated to sustaining and enhancing the community. This donation … is one way to provide exceptional learning opportunities that attract people from around the world."

Donna Rogers, Webster mayor

City of Webster gift

In early 2017, the Webster City Council approved a $3.5 million commitment from its Hotel Occupancy Tax Fund as a lead gift to its longtime partner Space Center Houston to help fund the restoration of NASA’s Apollo Mission Control Center. To motivate additional support, $400,000 of the gift was directed as a 1:1 challenge for a crowdfunding campaign to invite the public to help with the restoration and raise additional funds.

Since the city of Webster was incorporated in 1958, NASA has served as a catalyst to grow the city and the region. Webster is home to more than 2,200 business – many of which are aerospace companies working on NASA’s current deep space missions and the daily operations for the International Space Station. The city’s global importance to space exploration will continue through this generous gift.

Kickstarter Campaign: The Webster Challenge to Restore Apollo Mission Control Center

Space Center Houston conducted a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign from July 20 through Aug. 19, 2017. During this period, 4,251 people from around the world donated $506,905, more than double the initial goal of $250,000. Of the funds raised on Kickstarter, $400,000 was matched by the city of Webster through its lead gift. As of December 31, 2017, approximately $4.2 million of the campaign goal had been raised. Help us reach our goal!

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Honoring Apollo flight director Gene Kranz

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