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Giving to Space Center Houston

The generosity of our donors and members enables us to inspire a new generation of explorers, engineers and problem solvers.

Space Center Houston’s annual fund seeks gifts that will advance our mission to inspire all generations through the wonders of space exploration.

Donations bolster Space Center Houston’s efforts to develop and enhance authentic science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) learning experiences that focus on NASA’s unique research.

Our goal is to make space and science learning accessible to all and to continue growing the number of young learners who join the STEM pathway.

2019 Annual Fund: Gifts at a Glance

In 2019, gifts to Space Center Houston’s annual fund supported high-quality space and science learning and included the following experiences:

  • 46,032 underrepresented students visited Space Center Houston through the Title 1 Field Trips program, which is supported by generous donors
  • 647 middle-school age girls participated in Girls STEM Pathway
  • 235 fifth through eighth grade students participated in Exploration Academy

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Galaxy Gala 2019: Exploration Fuels Innovation

Innovative commanders Peggy Kostial and Shanell and Walker Moody collaborated to take the helm of Space Center Houston’s Galaxy Gala 2019 and unveil a new twist on the biennial event, ultimately raising more than $700,000 to support the organization’s STEM education programming.

Upending the traditional gala experience, Space Center Houston’s event commanders welcomed close to 400 generous supporters and center advocates into an immersive experience next to NASA’s Space Exploration Vehicle, parked at the entrance of Ballroom at Bayou Place on May 28 in downtown Houston.

Partygoers skipped the traditional silent auction, seated dinner and gala format to mix-and-mingle with friends and associates as they noshed on hors d'oeuvres at dumpling, sushi and poke bowl stations among the space-themed artifacts that included Intuitive Machine’s Nova-C Lunar Lander, which is scheduled to land on the Moon July 2021.

Space Center Houston’s education crew were also on hand offering guests access to some of the center’s most popular interactives, which included opportunities to fly drones over the makeshift Mars landscape on the patio; practice maneuvering robots through an obstacle course; and experience life on the International Space Station via virtual reality.

Guests were treated to multiple, short performances that ranged from viewing two laser-light beam shows to an electroluminescent theatrical experience courtesy of the renowned Lightwire Theater to a lively and high-energy DJ and drummer combination.

Take-away highlights included honoring longtime Space Center Houston board member and supporter Fred Griffin and the announcement of Space Center Houston’s first commercial space exhibit, Space X’s twice-flown Falcon 9 first-stage booster – the first and only refurbished booster used for a NASA mission. The exhibit opened to the public on March 12, 2020.

Proceeds from Galaxy Gala support Space Center Houston’s extensive education programs serving youth and educators from around the world with exceptional science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) learning experiences.

For more information about the 2019 Galaxy Gala, visit:

Gene Kranz speaking at the To the Moon and Beyond Luncheon

Gene Kranz speaking at the To the Moon and Beyond Luncheon

Gene Kranz speaking at the To the Moon and Beyond Luncheon

Girls STEM Pathway presented by Boeing

With generous support from Boeing, Space Center Houston launched its new Girls STEM Pathway initiative in 2019 – a program dedicated to engaging girls with 21st century skills to fuel their imaginations and provide confidence building authentic learning experiences in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

The Girls STEM Pathway is a comprehensive six phase initiative that includes an introductory elementary school experience, a middle school project-based STEM experience, a summer bridge program, a mentoring phase and an opportunity for high school girls to engage in authentic space challenges and scientific research.

To underscore the importance of mentoring for young women pursuing STEM, participants are encouraged to return the following year to provide invaluable advice and career insights to new participants each year.

Approximately 850 students participated in Girls STEM Pathway during 2019. In addition to a generous grant for the program, Boeing also supports the program by encouraging a large cadre of female Boeing engineers and employees who serve as mentors in the program.

For more information about Girls STEM Pathway, visit

Member event in Rocket Park

Member event in Rocket Park

Mission Control – 50th Anniversary

It’s mission accomplished for the restoration of NASA’s Apollo Mission Control Center!

On July 20, 2019 – the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 – campaign donors and members shared a champagne toast in the restored Apollo Mission Control Center as a part of Space Center Houston’s Apollo 50th Live anniversary celebrations.

The restoration was funded by a $5 million fundraising campaign led by Space Center Houston, which culminated in the opening of the newly-restored National Historic Landmark during the week-long celebration of the anniversary. The city of Webster gave the lead gift of $3.5 million toward the $5 million campaign, and in July and August of 2017, more than 4000 people from around the world contributed to Space Center Houston’s Kickstarter campaign “On a Mission.”

The room, used during the Gemini, Apollo and Shuttle eras, underwent restoration beginning in July 2017. Space Center Houston began welcoming visitors from around the world to experience the historic room that helped land humans on the Moon on July 1, 2019.

The scope of the restoration project included the Mission Operations Control Room (MOCR), the Visitor Viewing Room, Simulation Control Room and the Summary Display Projection Room (also called the “bat cave”). Guests will now see the restored flight control consoles with buttons illuminated and their screens displaying actual data used during the Apollo 11 mission.

The five large screens across the front of the room have been reanimated with projections to recreate the exact images seen during the Apollo 11 mission. Other details include period-authentic coat racks, chairs and a coffee station. Furnishings on the consoles include flight control manuals, ashtrays, pens, maps, coffee cups, and headsets.

For more information about the restoration of historic Apollo Mission Control Center, visit:

Young girl operating robot

Young girl operating robot

Young girl operating robot

2019 Honor Roll of Donors

The 2019 Honor Roll of Donors recognizes supporters who have made gifts totaling $1,000 or more and Patron-level members between Jan. 1, 2019 and Dec. 31, 2019.

Every effort has been made to verify the accuracy of names and data. Please bring any errors or omissions to our attention at or call Mallory Rogers at +1-281-283-7710.

$100,000 and above


$50,000 - $99,999

Betsy and Fred Griffin
Peggy Kostial

$25,000 - $49,999

Cathy and Joe Cleary
Linda and John Griffin
Leslie and Adam Schneider

$10,000 - $24,999

Albert and Ethel Herzstein Charitable Foundation
Anne Griffin Bike
Camden Property Trust
Greater Houston Community Foundation
Houston First
Hudson Group
NASA Alumni League - JSC
Susmita and Syamal Poddar
Kim and Dan Tutcher
Wulfe & Co.

$5,000 - $9,999

Amegy Bank
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Baldwin
Bastion Technologies
Essex Commercial Properties/Chris and Sheri Beggins
The Bosarge Family Foundation
Robert Bramlette
Jan Bres
Bridgwater Family Foundation
Capital Technologies
Ben Carey and John B. Connally IV
Gracie and Bob Cavnar
CIBC Private Wealth Management
Joan and Daniel Cohen
Susie and Pat Cunningham
Cunningham Partners LP
Ed Dolanski
Jeanne and Richard Filip
Marie Hoke Fish and Richard H. Fish
Foley Gardere
Julie and Edward Griffin
Al Saylor and Gwen Griffin
HOK Architects
Intervale Capital
Karen and Richard Jackson
Kellie Jenks
Sara and Jim Ledbetter
Donna and Tony Macina
Vernon McDonald
Diane and David Modesett
Shanell and Walker Moody
Keith and Alice Mosing
TPH Asset Management
TJ and Renee Pool
Pyne Family Foundation Fund
RE/MAX of Texas
Claudia and Ivan Rodriguez
Susan and Fayez Sarofim
Stephanie and Kirby Shanks
Strake Foundation
Phoebe and Bobby Tudor
Lynda K. Underwood
Blake and Roswell* Vaughan
VMWare Foundation

$2,500 - $4,999

Clarence Cazalot
Danny David
Monica and Charles Eskridge
Lex and Kitty Hochner
JPMorgan Chase & Co.
Lockheed Martin
Ellen Ochoa and Coe Miles
Daniel Ohgi
Petersen Family Foundation
Powell Foundation
Larry Price
Daniel and Amelia Senneff
Tranquility Lodge and Foundation
Mike Zeltkebac

$1,000 - $2,499

Anonymous (3)
Roslyn Bazzelle
Kathleen Bellah
Divya and Chris Brown
Laura and Stephen Carter
Pedro Caruso
Alex Cranberg
Enterprise Holdings Foundation
Martha and Richard B. Finger
Michael Gallagher
Debbie Gary
Cullen K. Geiselman
Mary Beth Gracy
Amanda Hansen
Zenab Haq
Mike Hawes
Donald Layton
Martin Fein Interests, Ltd.
Bunny McLeod
Bob Mitchell
Morian Foundation
John Morton
The City of Nassau Bay
Roksan Okan-Vick
Kim Parker
One Call Home Handyman
Mr. and Mrs. Taylor L. Reid
Gloria Ryan
Edgar Sabounghi
Jerry Schlief
John Senn
Kirk Shireman
Kristen L. Silverberg
Stewart Title
Macey and Bob Stokes
Anne and Taft Symonds
Brian Thomas
Gary C. Watros
Allen White
Katherine Wildman-Amandes
Shari and John Wilkins


John Alred
Janet Andrews
Kristin Andrichik
Shirley Knobler and Ron Aryel
Mitchell Walker
John G. Ball
Brandy Batch
Caroline Beaumont and Thomas Metcalf
Nicole Berberian
Judy Bergman
Erin Bethea
Claudine Bhandari
Nathan Block
Beth Brady
Barbara Brandess
Donald Burgess
Jane and Robert Cabes
David Cain
Kathleen and Glenn Cambor
Linda and Arthur Cantor
Paul Cantwell
Jack Capps
Carolyn Carnes
Jereann Chaney
David Chudwin
David Cisco
Clifford Cline
Hank Coleman
Brian Cook
Douglas Coxon
T.J. Creamer
Peter Crew
Richard Cucco
Jo Ann Crawford and Tom Dahl
John Daugherty Jr.
Ann and Bill Davidson
Sharlene Davis
Amber and Alex D'Eath
Ami Degala
John Donovan
Catherine Dorsi
Linda Dozier
David Durand
Alexander Echt
Joan Emerick and Pedro Saldana
James Fanson
Olivia Farrell
Alfred Feliu
Joann Fisher
Sarah and Carey Ford
Andrew Foster
Suzanne Frister
Bhargavaram Gade
Ginny and Frank Garver
Roy Gee
Richard Glover
Susan and Larry Green
Nicholas Gruszauskas
Paul and Carolyn Guercio
Linda and Mike Guilette
Brooks Gulledge
Anne Hanssen
Juliet Hardesty
James and Linda Hartley
Pete Hasbrook
David Headrick
Santosh Helekar
E. Nick Henery
Zachary Henkel
Ruth Horne
Glenn House Jr
Bryan Hughes
Diane Hughes
George Hutcheson
Ramana Jandhyala
Gary Janisch
Charmaine and Brady Johnson
Nancy Josephs
Juergen Klenk
James Kolacki
Julie Kramer White
Gene Kranz
Robert Kruckemeyer
Juhapetri Laine
Valarie Leland
Judy Ley Allen
Harvey Lung
Michelle Macy
Amanda Martin
Roby Mathew
Michael McDonald
Patrick McGehearty
Elaine and Patrick McGinty
Wesley Miller
Sheryl Mills
Lainie Gordon and David Mincberg
Gad Miron
Morag Muirhead
Tom Murray
Ngoc Ngo
Nancy Nyberg
Paula Oswald
George Parma
Maureen and Paul Perea
Thomas and Audrey Pesek
John G. Peterlin III
Dennis Petrucci
Jerry Priess
Marc Puppo
Sanjay Ramamurthy
Brian Richards
Lois and Dick Richards
Pilar Parducci and Tony Richmond
Richard Ritzu
Stephanie Rogers
Donald Ruiz
Nancy Santana
Nancy and Glenn Savinski
Anne Sears
Katherine Shanks Dodd
Mel Simrin
Linda Singleton
Brett Sommers
Katie Spira
Al and Toni Stone
Panchali Sumithraratne
Richard and Lyndia Summers
Good Today
Topspin Creative Corp
Clif Twaddle
Deborah Urbanski
Eric Vogel
Joel B. Walker
Randall Walker
Brad Wallace
Leonard Weiser
Peter Wexler
Walter Wiechetek
Cheryl Wilkinson
Brian Williams
Dusty and Kirk Wilson
Timothy Wilson
Robert Wise
Weycer, Kaplan, Pulaski & Zuber P.C.
Cyvia Wolff
Vanessa Wyche
Mehmet Yetis
Ryan Zynger

Patron level members

Suzanne and Mark Anderson
Ronnie Andrews
Crys Blankenship
Courtney and Michael Boudreaux
Gabriel Bouleau
Michelle Clay
Clae and Gilbert Corrales
Genith and Ed Crawford
Melissa Daniel
Ed Dolanski
Patricia Edgeller
Pat and Dennis Eker
Duke Ensell
Ashley and Rocky Espinoza
Gayle Farris
Amanda Foust
Janet and Claude Graves
Frank Greider
Dodd Hackman
Rhonda and Russell Handy
Sandy Krebs and Don Hansen
Kristina and Andy Haygood
William T. Harris
Laura and Lee Hutchinson
Annalise and Cameron Jensen
Tom Kelley
Irene Hickey and Lindsey Kroll
Yi Li
Denise Lynn Lynch
Chris Mathews
Lisa Mathis
April and Wells McGee
Robin and Matt McKenzie
Alexis and Todd Mitchell
Janine Morris
Jason Olea
Eduardo Pigretti
Susmita and Syamal Poddar
Javier Prado
Mallik Putcha
Kelly and Mark Puzdrak
Loveita Raymond
Savita and Sanjeev Singh-Varma
Cali and Bob Sokol
Jim Spavale
Julian Stone
Tara and Harvey Stotland
Veronica and Marshall Sullivan
Kenny Tan
Donna Peterson and Alan Tegeler
Greg Thurnher
Mark Tompkins
Yuko Toyama and Seth Cenac
Amy and Mark Tredway
Annette Wade
Nanette and Rick Waegner
Mitchell Walker
Virginia Seale Watt
Vivian and Bill Wied
Sarah Works
Salle Yoo
Melissa and Clint Zeringue

Contributor level members

David Abulafia
Terry and David Brownhill
Valerie Buckner and David Haglund
Leslie and Christopher Carson
Sharon and Joseph Carter
Jamila and Oliver Chambers
Inaas Darrat
Mary and Joseph Dervay
Teri and Ed Dominguez
Michelle Pierce and Simon Douglas
Michelle and David Fanelli
Jessica and Steven Farnham
Mark Flowers
Crystal Guillory and Joseph Fouche
Ashley Gillespie and Kyle Gupton
Heather Snow and Greg Gilley
Willow Grant
Tyson and Greg Grenzebach
Linda and Mike Guilette
Charles Herold
Christine and DeWayne High
San Kee and Chee Leow
Mauri and Ted Lucas
Martiel Luther
Michael Mahnke and Vy Hong
Susan and Michael McCoy
Jane and Travis McKenzie
Katherine and Dean Murphy
Linda C. Murray
Kelly and Stuart Obkirchner
Audrey Paulman
Louisa Reid
Tracy and Michael Scott
Lacey and Christopher Searcy
Shawn Singh and Maricela Olivio
Cristhel and Tracy Sue
Joy and Timothy Vidimos
Chellsie and Emilio Villegas
Margie and Michael Voight
Pradipkumar and Kokilaben Vora
Karen Ward and Rachel Bravenec
Ruth and James Whiddon
Sandy Wilder
Michele and Robert Wilkinson


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