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Sparkling Memories at Galaxy Lights

The holiday season is the perfect opportunity to create unforgettable memories at Galaxy Lights, presented by Reliant, as you embark on a cosmic journey with your festive crew. Check out some of our guests’ starlit memories from Galaxy Lights this year–then make your own! Galaxy Lights is open through Sunday, January 7, 2024.

Sarah Garner / Facebook

Join a constellation of explorers who have ventured into this big and bright cosmic wonderland to experience the excitement of this celestial time of year.

Amanda Pfeiffer / Instagram

Why settle for an ordinary holiday when you can indulge in delightful festive treats and witness a stellar space spectacle!

@davinamahara / Instagram

Time is running out to elevate your holiday celebrations to the stars. Gear up and secure your tickets to Galaxy Lights for an astronomical experience.

For more information and to purchase tickets, visit:

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