Space Robotics Challenge Phase 2,
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How will future astronauts survive on distant planets? NASA is developing a variety of autonomous robots to build the infrastructure before humans even get there. This capability will allow future astronauts to focus on more important projects as we explore the cosmos.

You can be part of NASA’s mission to develop the next generation of robots through our Space Robotics Challenge. Space Center Houston and NASA’s Centennial Challenges Program have partnered to present the Space Robotics Challenge.

The Space Robotics Challenge focuses on developing software to increase the autonomy of mobile robots during space travel and on other planets and moons.

The first phase of the Space Robotics Challenge took place in 2017 and focused specifically on NASA’s Valkyrie robot (also known as Robonaut 5 and R5). Phase two of the Space Robotics Challenge focuses on autonomous robots operating on the surface of the moon and collecting and manufacturing useful materials.

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The Space Robotics Challenge is one of Space Center Houston’s many community science initiatives intended to inspire all generations through the wonders of space exploration. Click here to learn more about our education programs.

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