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Solving Space: Perseverance Landed

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On Feb. 18, 2021, NASA’s Perseverance Mars Rover landed on Mars. The innovative landing system worked perfectly. @NASAPersevere tweeted about its landing and landing system, “Teams of experts poured years of work into each one. My safe landing is what tells you they nailed it.” Soon after landing, it sent its first image of Mars. Solve Space by unscrambling this image and learn more about what Perseverance is finding on the red planet!

Learn More About It

  • It will now spend at least one Mars year (about 687 Earth days) conducting experiments.
  • The image comes from Perseverance’s Hazard Avoidance Cameras (Hazcams), which help with driving.
  • When the image was taken, the clear protective covers over the cameras are still on.
  • The rover will characterize the planet’s geology and past climate, pave the way for human exploration of the Red Planet, and be the first mission to collect and cache Martian rock and regolith.
  • On Feb. 22, the Perseverance team discussed the data they received and what Perseverance will do next. 
  • Perseverance also sent back video: Surface Update and What It’s Like to Land on Mars.
  • The rover also sent back sounds of Mars. Hear what Mars sounds like! (You may need to turn up your sound.)
  • Follow the Mission Updates

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