Solving Space: HERA Habitat

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NASA Johnson Space Center is home to astronaut training. In the HERA habitat, people are pushing human extremes to prepare for missions in orbit and beyond.

HERA stands for Human Exploration Research Analog. It is a unique three-story habitat designed to serve as an analog for isolation, confinement, and remote conditions in exploration scenarios.

Located at NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC), HERA is cylindrical with a vertical axis, and connects to a simulated airlock and hygiene module.

HERA represents an analog for simulation of isolation, confinement and remote conditions of mission exploration scenarios. Studies suitable for this analog may include, but are not limited to, behavioral health and performance assessments, communication and autonomy studies, human factors evaluations and exploration medical capabilities assessments and operations.

Learn more about this unique research habitat in our May Thought Leader Series. Five members of former HERA missions described what it is like to experience this important piece of research. Chris Matty and Ron Franco from HERA 10 joined us, along with Carrie Harris, Daniel Monlux, and Osama Alian, three of the four crew members from the most recent analog, Campaign 5.

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