NEW EXHIBIT: Moonwalker portraits now on display

From 1969-1972, twelve American astronauts left their everlasting footprint on the Moon. They were the most visible part of a team of Apollo astronauts, engineers, scientists, and mission support staff of the Apollo Program.

Artist Logan Goodson created a series of paintings to celebrate the individuals of the Apollo program by honoring “the 12 men who were sons, husbands, fathers and friends within the NASA community. They were ordinary men who did extraordinary thing as part of their job.”

Get a preview of some of Goodson’s work below and see all of his 12 moonwalker portraits in our new exhibit Apollo Art: 50 Year Retrospective on display now through Nov. 3.

Goodson is a graphic artist at NASA Johnson Space Center. He is a self-taught painter whose style has been described as a fusion of realism and pop art.

Apollo Art: 50 Year Retrospective

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