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Kate Rubins Swearing-in Ceremony

We were honored to be the site of the swearing-in ceremony for NASA astronaut Dr. Kate Rubins by Chief of Army Reserve Lt. Gen. Jody J. Daniels earlier this week.

About the Ceremony

Rubins took the oath of office to become a medical service corps officer in the U.S. Army Reserve. Kate will enter the Army Reserve as a Major and serve at the 75th Innovation Command in Houston, Texas.

The 75th Innovation Command helps to accelerate modernization within the Army by providing access to private sector innovators and technology leaders through Army Reserve Soldiers employed in those fields.

The U.S. Army Reserve started as a small corps of medical professionals in 1908 and evolved to become the best trained, best equipped, and most ready operational Reserve force in our Nation’s history. Today the U.S. Army Reserve is home to over 190,000 Soldiers and civilians who serve in 25 countries and 20 time zones. There are over 120 job opportunities within the U.S. Army Reserve from Military Intelligence to Civil Affairs, Engineer, Cyber, Medical and Aviation to name a few. Whatever the career goals may be, the Army Reserve can provide the training, confidence and skills to achieve them.

About Rubins

Rubins was selected by NASA in 2009. She completed her first spaceflight on Expedition 48/49, where she became the first person to sequence DNA in space. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Molecular Biology from the University of California and a Ph.D. in Cancer Biology from Stanford University Medical School Biochemistry Department and Microbiology and Immunology Department.

Rubins most recently served aboard the International Space Station as flight engineer for Expedition 63/64. Across her two flights, she has spent a total of 300 days in space, the fourth most days in space by a U.S. female astronaut.

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