Enhance your space exploration adventure with an exciting film or live presentation. Hear NASA mission updates in our Mission Briefing Center, learn how astronauts live aboard the International Space Station in our Living in Space presentation, relive NASA's historic journey in Destiny Theater, and watch a space documentary on one of the largest screens in Texas.

Destiny Theater

Destiny Theater is the perfect place to launch your adventure into the past, present and future of space exploration. In Destiny Theater, you’ll see the exciting, historic film “Human Destiny” which chronicles the events leading up to the formation of NASA and spans into our successful missions to the Moon and beyond.

Using six and half million feet of NASA archival footage, this is a mission you’ll definitely want to embark on.

The first showing of the film begins 15 minutes after the center opens, and the film plays continuously until the center closes each day. Destiny Theater is located at the entrance to Starship Gallery.

Destiny Theater is also home to the podium used by President John F. Kennedy during his historic speech imploring Americans to reach the Moon.

Space Center Theater

Enjoy thrilling films in the largest 4K theater in Texas at Space Center Houston. The towering five-story-tall Space Center Theater has the latest in audio and video technology after undergoing massive upgrades.

Space Center Theater received a brand-new silver screen and a top-of-the-line 4K projector.

4K is ultra-high-resolution and one of the highest quality digital displays currently available. The audio received a massive improvement thanks to a state-of-the-art Dolby surround-sound system, making Space Center Theater a truly wonderful audio-visual experience.

The renovations meet the requirements of the Digital Cinema Initiatives, which means not only can Space Center Houston show amazing, cutting-edge documentaries, but it also can screen the hottest Hollywood premieres.

Space Center Theater films

Space Center Houston is currently showing multiple films in Space Center Theater. To get daily showtimes please download the Space Center Houston app.

EVA 23

Outer space is not completely empty, but it doesn’t contain much water, certainly not enough to drown an astronaut. Imagine the surprise and terror facing Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano when that fate almost befell him in 2013. See the story of his near-tragic spacewalk and the people who worked to keep him alive in the 25-minute movie EVA 23 at Space Center Houston.

Space City Films’ documentary, EVA 23, recounts Parmitano's spacewalk that was cut short when water began leaking into his helmet, nearly drowning him. The movie discusses why it happened, how he responded and what NASA has learned about working in low Earth orbit.

Mission Control

The blockbuster movie Mission Control: The Unsung Heroes of Apollo is at Space Center Houston. A condensed version of this wonderful film will play in Space Center Theater, alternating with the other films showing in Space Center Theater.

Mission Control puts the focus on the people behind the scenes who helped put men on the Moon and bring them back to earth safely. It tells their remarkable stories and chronicles how they became an extraordinary team. Be sure to check out this entertaining offering on your next visit!

Mission Force One

Blast off on an animated space adventure through a special screening of the Disney Junior original series Mission Force One.

Now through October, watch the 35-minute episode “The Space Station Situation” from season three at Space Center Houston.

Mission Briefing Center

Get your space news fix at the Mission Briefing Center with live presentations sharing real-time updates on current NASA missions. Learn what NASA has planned for the future of deep space exploration, get updates on current missions and learn about special events happening in space and on Earth.

Our trained Mission Briefing Officers present up-to-date content about the experiments conducted by astronauts in the fields of human research, biological and physical sciences, technology, education and Earth observation in order to move us forward in our pursuit of space exploration.

The officer will answer questions at the end of the presentation and share where to find more space mission updates and live broadcasts.

Mission Briefing Center presentations

Space Center Houston is currently showing two presentations in the Mission Briefing Center. The briefings typically take place three times a day and last around 15 minutes. Times are displayed at the entrance of the Mission Briefing Center and on the daily schedule in the Map and Guide; times may vary. The Mission Briefing Center is located next to the motion simulator rides in Space Center Plaza.

Mars and future deep space exploration briefing

1 p.m. & 4 p.m.

Keep yourself posted on the mission of the Mars Science Lab, also known as the rover Curiosity. Learn about its expedition, the important findings NASA has made and what NASA has planned for future Mars exploration. See images and videos taken by Curiosity and follow its path throughout the red planet.

This briefing includes information about the Curiosity rover as well as future events happening in space and what NASA Johnson Space Center is currently working on next door. Learn about future deep space exploration including human spaceflight, the Orion spacecraft and the Space Launch System.

Our Mission Briefing Officers share mission updates about future deep space exploration including human spaceflight, the Orion and the Space Launch System.

International Space Station (ISS) briefing

12 p.m. & 3 p.m.

Did you know that astronauts have lived in space continuously since November 2000 aboard the International Space Station?

This briefing has updates about who is currently on the International Space Station, how they communicate from Earth to space, the transportation astronauts use to get there and the challenges they face every day.

The presentation will also cover the scientific investigations in Earth observation, 3D printing, human research, robotics and more.

Get the answers to questions like: What is space travel doing for us on Earth? Who or what is a cosmonaut? How does the Earth look from space?

Living in space

Have you ever wondered what it is like to live in space? Now is your chance to learn how astronauts prepare for life in space at NASA Johnson Space Center.

Living in Space is a live presentation presented by our Mission Briefing Officers that gives you a glimpse into the lives of astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS).

In our ISS replica you can experience what it is like to live in space. Learn how astronauts exercise, eat and perform research at their home in space.

You will see a replica of the cupola, a dome-shaped window on the ISS, through which amazing images of Earth have been captured. This is also where many astronauts enjoy spending their free time aboard the floating laboratory.

This presentation allows audiences to interact with and simulate some of the challenges astronauts must overcome, as well as discover the science behind what it takes to live in space.

Participants can hop on an arm bicycle to experience an astronaut workout, strap themselves to the wall bed to dream in space and learn through X-ray technology how gravity affects the human body.

Learn how astronauts communicate with Earth, whether they use Wi-Fi and acquire a better understanding of the experiments that go on at the station.

Recognize the conditions astronauts must overcome, how astronauts receive supplies to survive and see artifacts that astronauts use daily to survive the seemingly impossible. This interactive presentation gives everyone the opportunity to imagine life as an astronaut.

Living in Space is located at the ISS exhibition, and it typically occurs three to four times per day. To get daily showtimes please visit the Guest Services Desk.

Stellar Science Show

Become a space scientist when you participate in our Stellar Science Show! Ignite your curiosity in space and science with innovative live shows that deliver advanced science concepts in an engaging and easy-to-understand way.

Produced and performed by experienced professionals, the presentation brings science concepts to life. Rad Rhonda or Cosmic Rob teach the foundations of Newton’s third law of motion, as well as the basics of gravity and how space affects the human body in a demo that captivates all ages.

You can see how the extreme temperatures of space affect different objects as Rad Rhonda dips them in liquid nitrogen to illustrate the freezing cold experienced in space. Rad Rhonda, who always wears her tie-dyed lab coat, is sure to excite with a plethora of knowledge and exciting experiments.

In under 30 minutes you will become a scientist, discovering and challenging scientific principles in interactive experiments led by our knowledgeable educators. You will learn what would happen to an astronaut who didn’t wear a spacesuit during a spacewalk while learning about pressure and space.

The Stellar Science Show is located in front of SpaceTrader gift shop in the main plaza. Show times vary but are usually four times per day (please check daily schedule or ask a crew member for show times).

Become a space scientist today!

Host an event in one of our theaters or the Mission Briefing Center.

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