Astronaut Experiences

We offer two ways to interact with astronauts at Space Center Houston. Each option provides the opportunity to hear first-hand space exploration stories from a NASA astronaut.

Our astronaut experiences include Breakfast with an Astronaut and Astronaut Mission Memories.

Find out what each experience offers, explore the astronaut schedule, and get tickets below.

Breakfast with an Astronaut

Enhance your Space Center Houston experience with Breakfast with an Astronaut, our ultimate astronaut opportunity, giving you the most access to a NASA astronaut.

Get a glimpse into the space program from an astronaut’s perspective while enjoying a delicious breakfast catered by Wolfgang Puck. After the presentation, join in a Q&A session with the veteran space explorer.

As a memento of your visit, you will receive a personalized photograph from our guest astronaut. Breakfast with an Astronaut occurs on select Fridays and every Saturday 8:30-9:30 a.m. in The Food Lab. Check the schedule below to learn more about the astronauts and when they will be speaking.

The Breakfast with an Astronaut menu includes fresh fruit, soft scrambled eggs with herbs*, traditional hash brown potatoes with sweet onion and chive butter*, boneless buttermilk fried chicken breast*, waffles*, and pastries* including croissant, fruit Danish, seasonal muffins, and gluten-free muffins. Beverages include juice, coffee, and water. There are no menu substitutions.*Contain egg and/or dairy.

Breakfast with an Astronaut tickets include admission to Space Center Houston. Adult tickets are $99.95 and child (ages 4-11) tickets are $79.95. Discovery Circle members receive additional discounts on tickets.

Guest capacity is limited to allow for a more intimate experience, so get your tickets today!

Cancellations and date changes must be made at least 2 weeks prior to the date. If a refund is desired, the request for a refund must be made at least 2 weeks prior to the date.

Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Astronaut Mission Memories

Every Friday and Saturday, a NASA astronaut shares some of their mission memories with guests at Space Center Houston at 11:30 a.m. and 1:20 p.m.

Join us for this 30-minute space exploration journey in Space Center Theater.

Check the schedule below to learn more about the astronauts and when they will be speaking.

Astronaut Mission Memories are included in general admission.

Astronaut Schedule

2022 Dates

Jan. 1: Brian Duffy

Jan. 7: Anna Fisher 

Jan. 8: Mike Foreman

Jan. 14: Guy Gardner

Jan. 15: Bill McArthur

Jan. 21: Clay Anderson

Jan. 22: Rick Hieb

Jan. 28: Tom Jones

Jan. 29: Tom Jones

Feb. 4: Mike Foreman

Feb. 5: Michael Baker

Feb. 11: Clay Anderson

Feb. 12: Tony Antonelli

Feb. 18: Kevin Ford

Feb. 19: Bill McArthur

Feb. 25: Don Thomas

Feb. 26: Don Thomas

March 4: Rick Hieb

March 5: Rick Hieb

March 11: Mike Foreman

March 12: Brian Duffy

March 13: Brian Duffy

March 14: Tony Antonelli

March 15: Tony Antonelli

March 16: Hans Schlegel

March 17: Michael Baker

March 18: Michael Baker

March 19: Anna Fisher

March 25: Anna Fisher

March 26: Mark Polansky

April 1: Kevin Ford

April 2: Kevin Ford

April 8: Mark Polansky

April 9: Mike Foreman

April 15: Ken Cameron

April 16: Ken Cameron

April 22: Mark Polansky

April 23: Mike Foreman

April 29: Ken Cameron

April 30: Ken Cameron

May 6: Mark Polansky

May 7: Brian Duffy

May 13: Ken Cameron

May 14: Ken Cameron

May 20: Mark Polansky

May 21: Bill McArthur

May 27: Tony Antonelli

May 28: Tony Antonelli

June 3: Mark Polansky

Jun 4: Brian Duffy

June 10: Mike Foreman

June 11: Brian Duffy

June 17: Bill McArthur

June 18: Anna Fisher

June 24: Rick Hieb

June 25: Rick Hieb

July 1: Rick Hieb

July 2: Clay Anderson

July 8: Mike Foreman

July 9: Bill McArthur

July 15: Clay Anderson

July 16: Anna Fisher

July 22: Rick Hieb

July 23: Rick Hieb

July 29: Michael Baker

July 30: Michael Baker

Aug. 4: Don Thomas

Aug. 5: Don Thomas

Aug. 6: Don Thomas

Aug. 7: Don Thomas

Aug. 12: Mark Polansky

Aug. 13: Bill McArthur

Aug. 19: Anna Fisher

Aug. 20: Clay Anderson

Aug. 26: Hans Schlegel

Aug. 27: Michael Baker

Sept. 2: Mark Polansky

Sept. 3: Michael Baker

Sept. 9: Mike Foreman

Sept. 10: Anna Fisher

Sept. 16: Kevin Ford

Sept. 17: Tony Antonelli

Sept. 23: Anna Fisher

Sept. 24: Tony Antonelli

Sept. 30: Kevin Ford

Oct. 1: Kevin Ford

Oct. 7: Anna Fisher

Oct. 8: Tony Antonelli

Oct. 14: Steve Smith

Oct. 15: Steve Smith

Oct. 21: Don Thomas

Oct. 22: Don Thomas

Oct. 28: Kevin Ford

Oct. 29: Clay Anderson

Nov. 4: Kevin Ford

Nov. 5: Michael Baker

Nov. 11: Ken Cameron

Nov. 12: Ken Cameron

Nov. 18: Tom Jones

Nov. 19: Tom Jones

Nov. 25: Brian Duffy

Nov. 26: Brian Duffy

Dec. 2: John-David Bartoe

Dec. 3: John-David Bartoe

Dec. 9: John-David Bartoe

Dec. 10: John-David Bartoe

Dec. 16: Clay Anderson

Dec. 17: Bill McArthur

Dec. 23: Clay Anderson

Dec. 24: Brian Duffy

Dec. 30: Brian Duffy

Dec. 31: Brian Duffy

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