Innovation Gateway Balance Study

Innovation Gateway Balance Study

Space Center Houston believes that everyone can be part of the mission! As part of our Innovation Gateway community science initiative, everyone can play an active part in the future of space exploration.

To develop solutions for real-world challenges and contribute to the wealth of knowledge to propel our exploration forward, Space Center Houston is collaborating with scientists and academic institutions across the country.

The Innovation Gateway program empowers the public with authentic learning experiences that contribute to real scientific research. In our current study, we are working with scientists at the Baylor College of Medicine Department of Otolaryngology to study balance.

The Experiment

In a microgravity environment of space, changes to the human body can affect muscles, bones and balance. To test how gravitational environments may affect balance and stability, astronauts go through a variety of tests before and after space travel. Through observing astronauts and the impact on the human body in space, scientists are finding solutions that can help people on Earth.

Together, Space Center Houston and Baylor College of Medicine are investigating how balance changes with age. Space Center Houston guests can helped in August and September of 2019 by participating in a research study. The balance study included guests from ages 4-90 and involved standing on a foam platform and performing a simple walk.

The Results

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