Mission Monday: 5 fast facts about NASA’s Curiosity rover

For eight years, Curiosity has roamed the surface of the red planet. The car-sized rover journeyed to Mars to answer one very important scientific question: Was the Martian environment ever habitable? Curiosity didn’t have to wait long to find the answer. The roaming rover soon discovered mineral and chemical evidence

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On Memorial Day, we honor those who served and sacrificed

Thanks to the service of many in the military, NASA was able to move forward with exploration of the space beyond our world. Their courage and dedication to ensuring a better world is something we always honor, and will never forget. Today, we honor and remember all of those in

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Van Allen radiation belts

What are the Van Allen radiation belts?

Though the center is temporarily closed, we are still passionate about sharing science and space exploration. In this series, we’ll take a quick tour through a science or space topic. Today we are exploring the Van Allen radiation belts. What belts does earth wear? Van Allen radiation belts.  Over 60

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Top 10 photos of other planets and moons

An integral part of NASA’s mission has always been to explore and discover worlds beyond our own. These images capture just how cool some of those other worlds are! Scroll through our top 10 images of other planets and moons to see if your favorite made the cut! All these

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Members! Enjoy your own lounge during Spring Break

To show our members how much we appreciate them this spring break, we are providing a member’s lounge. This will give you an exclusive place to relax and recharge away from the crowds while enjoying snacks and water. The dates and location of the member lounge will be: March 7

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