NASA’s Super Guppy does the heavy lifting

As part of the restoration of Historic Mission Control, conservationists sent the consoles from the room to the Cosmosphere in Kansas. How do you transport such large and cumbersome consoles while still protecting them as historic artifacts? Enter NASA’s Super Guppy airplane. The Guppy was built to transport machinery that no other plane can carry. […]

Do you remember Ares I-X?

Before NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS), there was Ares. In 2004, the Vision of Space Exploration was put forth, committing NASA astronauts to return to the Moon and continue on to Mars. This meant that NASA needed to develop a new launch architecture system. On Oct. 28, 2009, nearly five years later, and on the […]

ISS Expedition 56 to return to Earth Oct. 4

Did you know humans have been living in space for almost 18 consecutive years aboard the International Space Station (ISS)? Members of the most recent ISS crew, expedition 56, are scheduled to return to Earth Oct. 4. The expectation 56 crew includes NASA astronauts A.J. (Drew) Feustel (commander), Ricky Arnold and Serena M. Auñón-Chancellor, Roscomos […]

Image of the Week: Hayabusa2 and the Asteroid

We are living in a golden age of space exploration. Mission to Pluto and beyond have given us the first high-resolution photos of the most distant planetary objects in our solar system. Missions to Jupiter have given us new details on the massive planet, its fascinating moons and more. Finally, missions to asteroids and comets […]

CBS’s Young Sheldon cast tour Space Center Houston

Members of the cast of CBS’s hit show Young Sheldon toured Space Center Houston yesterday! It was such a pleasure to have Iain Armitage (Sheldon), Raegan Revord (Missy) and Montana Jordan (Georgie) exploring space with us. Check out some of their experiences in the photo gallery below. [envira-gallery id=”17785″]

VIDEO: Thought Leader Series – NASA Johnson Space Center Director Mark Geyer

NASA Johnson Space Center employs nearly 10,000 people and covers nearly 1,700 acres. Running JSC is a big job. Luckily, the new director has a long history with the storied institution. In this Sept. 10, 2018 installment of our ongoing Thought Leader Series, hear from JSC director Mark Geyer on his new job, his public […]

Astronaut Friday: Mark Polansky

Every Friday and Saturday you can meet a space explorer at Space Center Houston’s. Polansky joined NASA in August 1992 as an aerospace engineer and research pilot. After being assigned to the Aircraft Operations Division at NASA Johnson Space Center, his primary responsibilities involved teaching astronaut pilots space shuttle landing techniques in the Shuttle Trainer […]

Happy 100th Birthday Katherine Johnson!

NASA’s Langley Research Center is celebrating a big milestone of one of the key figures from its past. Katherine Johnson will celebrate her 100th birthday Sunday, Aug. 26. Let’s talk about this pioneering figure, what she means to NASA and what her contributions were to the space program. 1) Who is she? Born in White […]

VIDEO: Thought Leader Series – Leading Women of NASA

From hidden figures to leading lights, these women are shaping the future of space exploration. This Aug. 24, 2018 installment of our ongoing Thought Leader Series features NASA Johnson Space Center External Relations Office Director Debbie Conder, Human Health and Performance Director Catherine Koerner and Exploration Integration and Science Director Vanessa Wyche. Part of Space […]

Spotlight: Leading women of NASA

Language can be a tricky thing. Used in everyday life, it seems harmless. Sticks and stones and all that. However, words can sometimes retain unintended power. Small things can end up marginalizing people without much thought behind why they’re being used. This story by retired astronaut Leland Melvin highlights just how powerful a single word […]

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