Ax-1 Mission patch

Launch Pad: Axiom Mission 1

Meet the four private astronauts flying into space at the end of next month for the Ax-1 mission. From left: Larry Connor, Michael López-Alegría, Mark Pathy, and Eytan Stibbe. Image credit: Axiom Space Each month, in our Launch Pad series we cover notable spaceflight missions set to lift off soon.

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Demo-2 Launch

Photo Gallery: Rocket Launches

Space exploration is fueled by successful rocket launches, from the Saturn V launching the first humans to the Moon, to the success of the SpaceX Falcon 9, the world’s first reusable orbital class rocket! Through the decades, rockets have been modified and improved, built bigger, faster, and more powerful. They

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Explorer 1

Spacecraft Spotlight: Explorer 1

In our new Spacecraft Spotlight blog series, we are featuring different spacecraft and highlighting their unique features and significant contributions to the history of space exploration. This week we are spotlighting Explorer 1, America’s first satellite. Following the two successful Sputnik launches by the Soviet Union in 1957, America felt

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Women in STEM: Kate Rubins

There are so many amazing women working in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) careers. In this series, we are shining a spotlight on a few of them. We hope you're just as inspired by them as we are. This month, we are highlighting NASA astronaut Kate Rubins, who has

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Meet Our Solar System: Mercury

How well do you know your astronomical neighborhood? Let's go on a trip through our solar system and explore the weird, the wild, and the beautiful all around us. Today, we are learning all about Mercury. Where is it? Mercury is the first planet of our solar system, sitting an

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Remembering NASA Astronaut Rich Clifford

Retired NASA astronaut Michael “Rich” Clifford died recently due to complications from Parkinson’s Disease. He was 69. Clifford went to space three times in his NASA career, spending 27 days and more than 665 hours in orbit. He also was the first NASA astronaut to make a spacewalk while docked

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VIDEO: Thought Leader Series – Starlab: A Commercial Destination In Space

The first-ever free flying commercial space station will be launching this decade. Nanoracks, in collaboration with Voyager Space and Lockheed Martin, has formed a team to develop the space station, known as Starlab. This will be a continuously crewed commercial platform, dedicated to conducting critical research, fostering industrial activity, and

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Solving Space: James Webb Space Telescope

This fall, we are exploring how space inspires progress. In anticipation of its upcoming launch, solve space today by unscrambling this image of the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST). Later this week, the world’s most powerful space telescope will launch to provide scientists with an unparalleled gaze into our universe.

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Artemis I: About the CubeSat Payload

  Take a closer look at the upcoming Artemis I flight, a mission that will pave the way for future lunar exploration, in our newest blog series. When Orion blasts off for the first Artemis mission next year, so too will several CubeSats. These shoebox-sized satellites will catch a ride

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VIDEO: Thought Leader Series – Staying Healthy in Extreme Conditions

The five hazards of human spaceflight are radiation, isolation and confinement, distance from Earth, gravity (or lack thereof), and hostile environments. To mitigate these factors, NASA partners with doctors and researchers around the globe, including the doctors at The University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB). They seek to answer questions

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