Tram tour of NASA Johnson Space Center

Don’t miss Space Center Houston’s most popular attraction. This is your chance to go on site at NASA Johnson Space Center and get a behind-the-scenes look at space exploration.

Located on 1,600 acres, Johnson Space Center is the home of Mission Control where human space missions and the operations of the International Space Station are monitored. It is also where astronauts prepare and train for missions.

The tram tour also takes guests through Rocket Park, where an actual Saturn V rocket is displayed, along with other rockets that propelled humanity into space.

Please note that during peak seasons the NASA Tram Tour experience may differ. Tram tours may be split into multiple options to allow visitors to experience a facility of their choosing. Typically, each tour will last approximately one hour and guests are welcome to take another tour to a different facility. The last tour will depart two hours prior to the center closes.

This is an open-air tram tour and could be interrupted due to inclement weather. The tram tour visits working government facilities which are subject to availability and can temporarily close to visitors without notice.

A limited number of free timed tickets for specific tour times are now offered on every tram tour to NASA Johnson Space Center. Skip the lines by getting a timed ticket!