Watch The Wonder of It All Friday

Join us May 24 for the next installment in our Space on Screen series, featuring the documentary, “The Wonder of It All.”

Tickets are $8 for the public and $5 for members. There is limited seating for these events, so get your tickets today.

The Wonder of it All

How does exploring space change you? The award-winning documentary “The Wonder of It All” focuses on the Apollo astronauts and their unique experiences during and following the historic Moon missions. This fresh approach to revisiting the Apollo Era intends to preserve the thoughts and emotions of these iconic heroes for future generations.

In honor of the upcoming Apollo 11 50th anniversary we are combining three events into one big celebration. Join us June 28 at 6:15 p.m. for Starlight Social drinks* and networking. Stick around for a special Thought Leader Series presentation with “The Wonder of it All” director Jeffrey Roth at 7 p.m. as well as a screening of documentary film “The Wonder of it All” as part of our Space on Screen series.

“The Wonder of it All honors the men who walked on the moon and became heroes to a nation,” director Jeffrey Roth said. “They fulfilled the dream of humankind to set foot on another world and, in so doing, forever changed the way we view ourselves.”

Released to a wide audience in 2009, The Wonder of It All took first prize at the Rhode Island International Film Festival and was a winner at the Houston Worldfest Internnational Film Festival. It also took home the Jules Verne Award for Best Picture and won the Youth Jury Award at the Jules Verne Film Festival.

It ran in theaters for 20 weeks in 2009 and played in 39 theaters. It made $781,016 domestically and was the 61st top grossing limited release movie in 2009.

Roth wrote and directed The Wonder of it All. The documentarian also produced on on former president George H.W. Bush called 41. That movie was released in 2012.

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