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Space Center U Guide

Immersing students in authentic learning opportunities tied to NASA missions, Space Center U offers a high level of STEM topics applied to real world and space related experiences. Space Center University is our ultimate educational experience.

Contact Information

Reservations: +1 281-283-4755

Space U Coordinator: +1 281-283-4767

Accessibility & Inclusion Specialist: +1 281-244-2147

Space U Email: [email protected]

Policies and Procedures

Space Center Houston is excited to welcome participants to Space Center University. To ensure a safe environment for our Space Center U participants and crew members, we ask all participants to review our policies and procedures before participating. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Refund and reschedule policy: If you are unable to attend the event, we will provide options for you to reschedule for another date within a year of the event or receive a refund.

  • Reschedules will be allowed within one year of the event for anyone unable to attend. Please notify the program coordinator if you are unable to attend.
  • Refunds will be granted for anyone who submits a request in writing no later than six (6) weeks before the event.
  • Programs with insufficient enrollment will be canceled at least six (6) weeks prior to first day of the program.

To participate in the ages 11-14 program, students must be between the ages of 11 and 14. To participate in the ages 15-18 program, students must be between the ages of 15 and 18. If the participant is 14 and turning 15 shortly before the program starts, and currently in high school (9th grade), they may attend with the understanding that the material is designed for high school, age-appropriate learning. Space Center Houston reserves the right to deny students that do not meet the age requirements for the program they are registered.

If you are registering your individual student, and are not part of a group, your child does not need a chaperone, however a parent/guardian must check the student in and out each day.

For groups of students, chaperones are required.

Yes, all students, chaperones and representatives must have a Space Center University® ticket for entrance.

The chaperones are to support the Instructors and we want your participation! This is especially true in the case of language barriers. We want to give the most exciting experience possible to your students. Teamwork between chaperones and instructors helps to make this possible. There must always be at least 1 chaperone/adult present while class is in session with access to both the Medical and Image Release Forms of every student at all times.

At this time, we have no dormitories for the students or chaperones / adults. Lodging will be the responsibility of the group. As of May 1, 2023, Space Center Houston will no longer offer an “all-inclusive hotel package” for group registrations. A listing and booking link to local area hotels can be found on our website.

Space Center University provides transportation only on the Johnson Space Center Tours only. Transportation to and from airports, hotels and Thursday dive session will be the responsibility of the group.

We require a $300 administration fee to secure a group reservation date. The date cannot be booked without payment. The administration fee is non-refundable.

No, we do not accept payment on arrival. For groups, the entire payment and total number of participants are due six (6) weeks before your visit. Space Center Houston reserves the right to cancel any reservation if a final payment is not received within six (6) weeks prior to visit.

For individual registrations, payment is due upon registration.

We accept all major credit cards, money orders and wire transfers. Wire transfers need to be received by Space Center Houston six (6) weeks before the scheduled date. Space Center Houston does not pay for any transfer fees. The fees are the responsibility of the group.

Normally refunds will not be issued after six (6) week prior to your visit. Staff and materials are determined based on the number of participants given six (6) weeks before your visit. For this reason, refunding partial or full payment is not possible. Cancellations will not be allowed after one (1) week prior to your visit.

Yes, we can provide an invitation letter once the administration fee and forms have been received. A list of participants and a location of where the visas are being processed will also be required. (Consulate, Embassy). We will email the letter to the group coordinator. We do not send the letter directly to the Embassy or Consulate.

The following documents are required for each participant (students or adults) 4 weeks in advance of the group’s arrival – medical form, image release form and SCUBA release form (SCUBA release forms are only required for the students participating in the SCUBA activity for students ages 15-18). Note: For groups, at least one adult chaperone must be present while class is in session and have access to both the medical and image release forms of every student at all times.

No. This fee is for securing your reservation and covers all costs associated in the processing of your Space Center University event including, but not limited to, off-site preparation, astronaut presentation and account management.

Disruptive behavior, physical aggression, violence, disrespectful behavior towards others or their property, damage to Space Center Houston property, theft or possession/use of dangerous items will not be tolerated and may result in immediate dismissal.

Damage to Space Center Houston equipment due to misbehavior will be at the expense of the parent.

Space Center Houston has a zero-tolerance policy regarding bullying.

No refunds will be provided for early dismissal as a result of suspension.

Reservations: +1 281-283-4755

Space U Coordinator: +1 281-283-4767

Accessibility & Inclusion Specialist: +1 281-244-2147

Space U Email: [email protected]

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