Space Center University® for educators is not your ordinary professional development experience. For teachers seeking to take the next step in space education, Space Center Houston offers Space Center University, a challenging, three-day, immersive experience designed for educators ready to be a part of a space exploration team.

Space Center University for educators includes the following:

  • Hands-on, engineering-based activities and connections to NASA missions.
  • Behind-the-scenes access including exciting tours of actual astronaut training and work facilities at NASA Johnson Space Center.
  • Interactive, project-based learning that includes strategic scientific planning and investigations, “astronaut training” and collaborative teaming.
  • Hear from guest speakers about what it takes to work at NASA and the projects that prepare humans for space exploration.
  • Daily lunch.
  • Graduation ceremony and certificates with professional development hours.

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To register for the Space Center U Educator Program, complete the online registration process or contact Reservations at +1 281-283-4755 or email

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Program activities

Space Exploration…Getting There

Experience the challenges that flight controllers and the other men and women of Mission Control faced in our Space Center U educator program.

The authentic experiences have been designed in collaboration with NASA flight controllers to provide realistic scenarios which will put communication, collaboration and teamwork skills to the test.

In their teams, participants will complete missions requiring delegation of roles, strategic planning, and decision making. Educators will also put their robotic skills to the test by flying drones and programming robots. Information acquired by the drones will then be utilized to direct astronauts and rovers to collect the required samples and successfully complete the mission.

As in all missions, unforeseen difficulties may arise. It is the job and responsibility of the flight controllers to solve these problems and guide their team in the moment with the primary goal of a safe, successful mission. Although a potential outcome for any endeavor, failure in this mission is not an option!

Graduation & professional development hours

Celebrate your achievements at a Space Center U® graduation surrounded by our comprehensive collections of spacesuits in the Astronaut Gallery. To commemorate the special experience, participants will receive Space Center U® certificates which include professional development hours.

It’s Not Rocket Science … Oh, Wait, Yes It Is!

NASA exclusives: Behind-the-scenes reality tours

Participants will experience behind-the-scene tours at NASA Johnson Space Center. These may include stops at the Space Vehicle Mockup Facility with its full-size training modules of the International Space Station and other unique facilities related to long duration space flight missions. Tours are subject to change.

Sample weekly agenda

Day 1 Welcome in Mission Briefing Center, Mission Control crew assignments and team building activities, robotic coding, drone flying course, tour of a Mission Control facility
Day 2 Mission 1 planning and execution – Teams delegate flight controllers, flight director and astronaut roles for mission success, astronaut presentation
Day 3 Mission 2 planning and execution – Teams delegate flight controllers, flight director and astronaut roles for mission success, guest speaker, graduation

*Activities are subject to change without notice due to weather or unforeseen circumstances.

Program details

Pricing and registration information


Price per participant - $349.95 *Hotel not included

Lodging and daily transportation to and from Space Center Houston will be the responsibility of the participant.


Participants in the Space Center U educator program must be formal or informal educators at an education institution. Space Center Houston has the right to deny program participation if registrants do not meet these requirements due to program curriculum.

Minimum participant requirement

There must be a minimum of 10 participants to launch an event. Space Center Houston has the right to cancel an event if it does not meet the minimum requirements.

Payment types and requirements

Space Center Houston accepts credit cards, money orders, cashier’s checks and wire transfers. Please note that wire fees are the responsibility of the group and are in addition to all program costs. Personal checks or purchase orders are not accepted.

A major credit card is the required form of payment to secure your reservation. The credit card will be charged at the time of booking and will also be used for final payment if other arrangements have not been made four (4) weeks prior to the day of visit. The reservation will automatically be canceled if the credit card is declined and repayment has not been arranged.

Please make payment to Space Center Houston and mail to:
Space Center Houston
1601 NASA Parkway
Houston, TX 77058
Attention: Reservations

Final payment

Final payment and final number of participants are due four (4) weeks prior to the day of visit. Space Center Houston reserves the right to cancel any reservation if final payment is not received four (4) weeks prior to the day of visit.

Space Center Houston reserves the right to cancel prior to the event due to low enrollment. Final cancellations for this reason will be determined four (4) weeks or more from the scheduled date.


Medical and media forms need to be submitted to four (4) weeks prior to the event date. Click here to view and download the forms.

Cancellations and refunds

No refunds will be made within four (4) weeks of your visit due to the advanced hotel reservations, staff scheduling, food preparation and material purchasing. For this reason, refunding partial or full payment is not possible.

Cancellation of your visit must be received in writing, four (4) weeks prior to the date of visit.

Space Center Houston reserves the right to cancel prior to the event due to low enrollment. Final cancellations for this reason will be determined four (4) weeks or more from the scheduled date.

Hotel lodging

Lodging will be the responsibility of the participant.

Space Center Houston is not responsible for unruly behavior and/or damage caused by participants in the Space Center U® Program


Transportation to and from any airport to the hotel is the responsibility of the participant.



Lunch is provided each day in Zero-G Diner. Participants are given a meal ticket daily. Menu items that are specific to personal dietary requirements and preferences may be chosen from the stations available.

Other meals

Breakfast is the responsibility of the group, which may wish to choose an all-inclusive hotel that offers breakfast.

Evening meals are the responsibility of the participants. There are several restaurants within walking distance of Space Center Houston, as well as most of the area hotels used for lodging.

What to bring

  • Pack a jacket, as it may get cold in the classroom, and a raincoat (in case of inclement weather) for the tram ride each day.
  • Cameras are welcome.
  • Participants may want some form of entertainment for the evenings at the hotel. Don’t forget to bring a charger for phone or game.
  • Most hotels used have Wi-Fi access.


The safety of all participants and staff is very important.

If inclement weather is forecasted and Space Center Houston is asked to close, we will notify all participants. If a participant cannot get to Space Center U® due to the weather, please call and notify Reservations or your Education Department contact.

International participants

Space Center Houston can provide a Visa letter upon request for all international visitors. Visa Invitation letters will be issued only after the administration fee and registration forms have been completed. The letter will be sent to the group coordinator. Space Center Houston will not send the letter to the Embassy or Consulate.

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