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In the News

October 18, 2022 | Houston Chronicle

Space Center Houston offers first glimpse of expansion, highlighted by Lunar Mars facility

October 18, 2022 | Houston Business Journal

Space Center Houston announces plans for new facility as part of larger transformation

October 18, 2022 | collectSPACE

Space Center Houston unveils new logo, plans for Lunar Mars facility

June 3, 2022 | Preview

Space Center Houston’s Moon 2 Mars festival to show off NASA’s fun side

June 7, 2022 | CultureMap

Catchy pop-rock band American Authors stars in spacey new summer festival

June 9, 2022 | KPRC 2

Space Center Houston’s Moon2Mars Festival | HOUSTON LIFE

June 10, 2022 | collectSPACE

Space Center Houston celebrates Artemis with new exhibit, festival

July 22, 2021 | ABC13

Space Center Houston launches exciting new way to meet astronauts this summer

July 20, 2021 | CW39

Jeff Bezos Donates $1 million dollars to Space Center Houston just days before historic Blue Origin New Shepard Launch

July 15, 2021 | Culture Map Houston

Jeff Bezos’ foundation gifts Space Center Houston with $1 million grant

June 6, 2021 | Houston Business Journal

Wolfgang Puck Catering partners with Space Center Houston

June 4, 2021 | ScienceNews

How science museums reinvented themselves to survive the pandemic

April 19, 2021 | ABC13

Legendary NASA astronauts descend on Space Center Houston to toast new Apollo 13 statue

April 18, 2021 | CollectSpace

Apollo 13 astronauts raise a toast to their recovery with new statue

April 8 2021 | Houston Business Journal

Space Center Houston COO aims to engage public with new food, programming post-Covid

Feb. 24, 2021 | CW39

Apollo 13 Commemorative Statue lands at Space Center Houston

Sept. 16, 2020 | Houston Business Journal

Texas Business Minds Podcast

Sept. 8, 2020 | FOX26

Space Center Houston features NASA COVID-19 inventions

July 14, 2020 | Houston Chronicle

Space Center Houston to reopen this weekend

June 16, 2020 | Houston Chronicle

Space Center Houston tickets now on sale for July reopening

June 15, 2020 | FOX26

Space Center Houston reopening to the public July 1

May 31, 2020 | FOX 26

NASA celebrates successful docking of Space X’s Crew Dragon

May 27, 2020 | AccuWeather

Falcon 9 rocket on display at Space Center Houston

May 26, 2020 | FOX 26

Space Center Houston reopening in July

May 26, 2020 | blooloop

Space Center Houston is reopening with new exhibits

May 25, 2020 | FOX 26

Space Center Houston hosting virtual launch party

May 25, 2020 | ABC13

How to throw a virtual party for Wednesday’s historic launch with space food

May 22, 2020 |

Space Center Houston to reopen July 1

May 22, 2020 | Houston Chronicle

Space Center Houston to reopen July 1 with significant new exhibit

May 19, 2020 |

How to watch the SpaceX Demo-2 launch from home and celebrate with the ultimate watch party

May 17, 2020 |

Space Center Houston hosting virtual campout for families in their own backyard

March 12, 2020 |

SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket debuts on display at Space Center Houston

March 12, 2020 | Community Impact News – Clear Lake

Space Center Houston adds SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket exhibit

March 10, 2020 | ABC 13

How you can get up close with a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket in Houston

May 7, 2020 |

Space Center Houston to host virtual camping trip

March 5, 2020 | Fox 26

Space Center Houston offers out of this world spring break

March 5, 2020 | Amusement Today

Space Center Houston names new Chief Operating Officer

March 5, 2020 | Houston Business Journal

Space Center Houston names new C-level leader

March 4, 2020 |

SpaceX delivers Falcon 9 rocket for Space Center Houston display

March 4, 2020 | Houston Business Journal

SpaceX rocket coming to Space Center Houston

Feb. 27, 2020 | Fox 26

Colonel swears in future soldiers across country from International Space Station

Feb. 26, 2020 | CNN

NASA astronaut makes history with ceremony

Feb. 25, 2020 | Southeast Missouri State University

Southeast Alumna Kaci Heins Named 2020 Winner of Alan Shepard Technology in Education Award

Feb. 24, 2020 | Univision

Space Center Houston recibe el ‘Bionic Me’, una exhibición para los amantes de la tecnología

Feb. 17, 2020 | Univision

¿Sin planes para Spring Break? Space Center Houston tiene nuevas opciones para ti

Feb. 8, 2020 | KPRC 2

NASA astronaut’s husband excited for wife’s return to Galveston

Feb. 7, 2020 | ABC 13

Space Center Houston hosts hundreds of teachers from all over the globe for space exploration conference

Dec. 13, 2019 | KHOU 11

Galaxy Lights at Space Center Houston

Dec. 9, 2019 | Houston Chronicle

See shooting stars in a high-tech kinetic light show at Space Center Houston’s new ‘Galaxy Lights’

Dec. 6, 2019 | Culture Map Houston

The best and brightest Christmas light displays around Houston in 2019

Dec. 4, 2019 | Amusement Today

Space Center Houston breaks all-time attendance record

Nov. 16, 2019 |

Space Center Houston Sets Saturn V Rocket Aglow With ‘Galaxy Lights’

Nov. 15, 2019 | Univision

Space Center Houston Sets Saturn V Rocket Aglow With ‘Galaxy Lights’

Nov. 14, 2019 | Texas Chronicles

Space Center Houston’s newest holiday tradition, Galaxy Lights

Nov. 12, 2019 | CW39

Shine bright at Space Center Houston’s Galaxy Lights

Nov. 7, 2019 | Houston Chronicle

Space Center expanding beyond NASA with Galaxy Lights attraction

Nov. 6, 2019 | KPRC 2

Christmas in space: Space Center Houston features out-of-this-world theme for holiday lights display

Nov. 4, 2019 | KHOU 11

Galaxy Lights opens this month at Space Center Houston

Oct. 19, 2019 | Fox 26

First all-female spacewalk inspires young women in Houston to pursue STEM fields

Oct. 13, 2019 | Weather Channel

Space Center Houston hosts Astronaut Week

Oct. 9, 2019 | FOX 26

‘Rad Rhonda’ retires after 16 years at Space Center Houston

Sept. 25, 2019 | KPRC 2

Meet Rad Rhonda: Space Center Houston’s colorful teacher

Sept. 16, 2019 | Forbes

Space Center Houston: Celebrating Moon Landings And Much More

Aug. 19, 2019 | KHOU 11

Space Center Houston study: How does again affect your balance?

Aug. 15, 2019 | ABC 13

Space Center Houston study mimics life as an astronaut in space

Aug. 14, 2019 | Fox 26

Space Center Houston turns to guests to help in science research

Aug. 12, 2019 | Robotics Business Review

Space Center Houston and NASA Launches Phase 2 of Space Robotics Challenge

Aug. 6, 2019 | Houston Business Journal

Economic impact of Houston’s top tourist attraction skyrockets above $100M in new study

July 24, 2019 | Houston Chronicle

Apollo 11 Celebrations Come to a Close with Space Center Houston Party

July 24, 2019 | ABC 13

Space Center Houston Celebrates Apollo 11 Splashdown with 60’s Bash

July 24, 2019 | KPRC

Space City Splashdown: Celebrate Apollo 11’s return to Earth at Space Center Houston

July 21, 2019 | CGTN

The 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11: Celebrations taking place for mankind’s first step on the moon

July 20, 2019 | CGTN

NASA remembers 1969 Apollo 11 landing

July 20, 2019 | Houston Chronicle

Houston Closes Historic Day with Countdown to Steps on Moon

July 20, 2019 | KPRC

Thousands Gather for Space Center Houston’s Apollo Celebration

July 19, 2019 | CNN Español

Houston Inicia las Conmemoraciones del Cincuentenario de la Llegada del Hombre a la Luna

July 19, 2019 | Fox 26

How the Spacesuit Has Evolved Since Apollo-era

July 18, 2019 | Houston Chronicle

Walk the Moon Talks the Moon

July 18, 2019 | KPRC

The Families of the Apollo Program

July 18, 2019 | KHOU

Space Center Houston Prepares for Record-setting Crowds during Apollo 11 Celebration

July 17, 2019 | KHOU

Space Center Houston celebrates Apollo 11’s 50th anniversary of the lunar landing – Part 3

July 17, 2019 | Houston Business Journal

Apollo 11 Anniversary Coverage: Houston’s Tourism Industry Revolves Around NASA

July 17, 2019 | Fox 26

Bush Airport Celebrates 50 Years Since Apollo 11

July 16, 2019 | CW39

Celebrating 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11 at Space Center Houston

July 15, 2019 | Conde Nast Traveller

8 Exciting Ways to Relive NASA’s Apollo Mission to the Moon

July 14, 2019 | CBS News

Events and Exhibits Celebrating Apollo 11 at 50

July 13, 2019 | Houston Chronicle

‘Awe, wonder and epiphanies’: Space Center Houston draws visitors from near and far

July 11, 2019 | Abilene Reporter News

Space Center: In Houston, the right stuff meets the real stuff

July 10, 2019 | Houston Chronicle

‘Historically accurate’: Renovated Apollo-era Mission Control stays true to form

July 6, 2019 | Univision

Celebración del 50 aniversario de la llegada del hombre a la luna

July 2, 2019 | InPark Magazine

Space Center Houston and NASA Welcome First Guests to Restored Apollo Mission Control

July 1, 2019 | Popular Mechanics

Houston, We Have Mission Control: NASA Refurbishes Iconic Room Where Space Exploration Began

July 1, 2019 | Blooloop

Space Center Houston Reveals Restored NASA Apollo Mission Control Center

July 1, 2019 | ABC News

Restored: Apollo Mission Control Center

June 29, 2019 | Coast Monthly

A legacy of inspiration

June 29, 2019 | The New York Times

NASA Reopens Apollo Mission Control Room That Once Landed Men on Moon

June 25, 2019 | Houstonian Magazine

You Can Walk Inside the Apollo Mission Control Room at Space Center Houston

June 4, 2019 | Houston Public Media

What Scientists Have Learned From Studying Twin Astronauts Scott And Mark Kelly

June 3, 2019 | KPRC 2

5 interesting things to know about NASA’s groundbreaking twin study

June 3, 2019 | KHOU 11

NASA’s ‘Twins Study’ could get US one step closer to putting human on Mars

May 29, 2019 | Fox 26

‘Journey to Space’ this summer at Space Center Houston

May 24, 2019 | Fox 26

Space Center Houston celebrates the Apollo 11 moon landing anniversary

May 21, 2019 | KPRC 2

How to get tickets for Space Center Houston’s Apollo 11 50th anniversary celebration

May 17, 2019 | The Austin Chronicle

Celebrate the Apollo 11 Moon Landing With These Texas Road Trips

May 16, 2019 | KPRC 2

SpaceX Falcon 9 booster rocket to be displayed at Space Center Houston

May 9, 2019 | Houston Chronicle

Want to see a reused Falcon 9 rocket booster from SpaceX? You’ll be able to this summer in Houston

May 9, 2019 | Ars Technica

Old Falcon 9 rockets done firing their engines will now inflame imaginations

May 9, 2019 | CollectSPACE

SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket to land on display at Space Center Houston

May 8, 2019 | Houston Public Media

50 Years Later, What Do Today’s Kids Think About The First Moon Landing?

March 23, 2019 | ABC 13

THE RIGHT STUFF: How kids can train like an astronaut!

March 19, 2019 | KPRC 2

Astronauts take spacewalk to swap space station’s batteries

March 13, 2019 | Telemundo

Conozca las actividades en el Space Center Houston

Feb. 22, 2019 | CNN Travel

9 great reasons to visit Houston in 2019

Feb. 20, 2019 | KPRC 2

Expedition 56, 57 astronauts share about mission in space

Feb. 8, 2019 | Fox 26

Space Center Houston helps teachers prepare next generation of explorers

Dec. 15, 2018 | Fox 26

Children test Space Center University experiment

Nov. 27, 2018 | Popular Mechanics

How Mission Control Came Back From the Brink

Nov. 26, 2018 | Houston Chronicle

NASA’s InSight probe touched down on Mars as excited crowds looked on at Space Center Houston

Nov. 14, 2018 | Cosmic Chicago

Historic Apollo Mission Control Consoles Return to Houston

Nov. 9, 2018 |

NASA’s Restored Mission Control Consoles Touch Down in Houston

Nov. 9, 2018 | Fox 26

First group of restored Historic Mission Control consoles unveiled

Nov. 9, 2018| Houston Chronicle

NASA’s Apollo era mission control consoles return to Houston restored

Nov. 9, 2018| KHOU 11

Mission control consoles from ’69 moon landing return to Houston

Nov. 9, 2018| KPRC 2

Restored mission control consoles delivered to Houston

Oct. 26, 2018 | Houston Chronicle

Luncheon proceeds bring Space Center Houston just $500k away from goal to restore mission control

Oct. 23, 2018 | CollectSPACE

‘Gene Kranz Day’ honors flight director, funds Mission Control revival

Oct. 23, 2018 | KHOU 11

NASA flight director Gene Kranz honored at Space Center Houston luncheon

Oct. 23, 2018 | Houston Chronicle

Former NASA flight director Gene Kranz, Space Center Houston near goal to restore mission control

Aug. 16, 2018 | KPRC 2

Go behind the scenes of Space Center University

Aug. 6, 2018 | Fox 26

Space Center Houston on a mission to be inclusive for visitors with autism

July 28, 2018 | Houston Chronicle

Space Center Houston’s new ‘scientist in residence’ hopes to inspire next generation with space tidbits

July 20, 2018 | Telemundo

El 49 aniversario de la primera caminata lunar

July 12, 2018 | Houston Matters

Space Center Houston: City’s First Certified Autism Center

July 12, 2018 | Houston Public Media

Space Center Houston: City’s First Certified Autism Center

July 5, 2018 | Houston Public Media

Former NASA Human Research Program Chief Scientist Joins Space Center Houston

July 2, 2018 | Houston Chronicle

Documentary on astronaut’s near-drowning on spacewalk will play at Space Center Houston

June 30, 2018 | Cosmic Chicago

Morpheus Lands at Space Center Houston

June 28, 2018 | Fox 26

First female astronauts speak together again at Space Center Houston

June 28, 2018 | Houston Chronicle

Pioneer female astronauts gave inspirational talk at Space Center Houston’s Thought Leader Series

June 26, 2018 | TravelSalad


June 26, 2018 | Houston Chronicle

Experience an overnight adventure under the stars

June 26, 2018 | Fox 26

Space Center Houston adapting for autistic visitors

June 21, 2018 | Telemundo

Space Center U

June 1, 2018 | Forbes

Historic Mission Control Center In Houston Is Restoring, Recreating Its Apollo Era

June 2, 2018 | CW 39

5 lucky contestants chosen for hands-on astronaut training at Space Center Houston

May 10, 2018 | Houston Business Journal

Space Center Houston CEO: ‘Our aspiration is to get to 2 million visitors a year’ (Video)

May 9, 2018 | Houston Business Journal

5 reasons why space fans love Houston

May 8, 2018 | Azteca America Houston

Una experiencia increíble en el centro espacial

May 1, 2018 | Hemispheres

Three Perfect Days: Houston

May 1, 2018 | Funworld Magazine

Movers and Shakers: Space Center Houston Announces New Board of Directors; Strategic Plan

April 30, 2018 | Houston Chronicle

Students get a taste of astronaut life at Houston’s ‘Space Center University’

April 26, 2018 | ABC 13

Space Center Houston hosts adult event called ‘Starlight Social’

April 26, 2018 | USA Today

Space Center Houston Named Best Museum in Texas by USA Today

April 26, 2018 | Houston Chronicle

Spread your wings at Space Center Houston’s new exhibit

April 18, 2018 | Houston Business Journal

Sneak peek: Tour Space Center Houston’s new exhibit, Mission Control renovations (Video)

April 16, 2018 | Houston Business Journal

Space Center Houston unveils new exhibit (Video)

April 10, 2018 | Fort Bend Star

Fred Haise talks about going to the moon at Space Center Houston

April 4, 2018 | Action Behavior Centers

Space Center Houston Tops List of Autism-Friendly Things to do in Houston

March 31, 2018 | Cosmic Chicago

Explore Space Murals in Houston

March 26, 2018 | America Daily

Fred Haise looks back at Apollo 13

March 23, 2018 | Fox 26

Guide dogs for the blind brings puppies to Space Center Houston

March 23, 2018 | CW 39

Guide Dogs for the Blind host training event at Space Center Houston

March 23, 2018 | Houston Chronicle

Guide Dogs for the Blind learn about crowds and space at Space Center Houston

March 19, 2018 | Collect Space

Apollo 11 spacecraft departing Houston for St. Louis on ‘Destination Moon’ tour

March 7, 2018 | Family Fun Canada

Above and Beyond – Space Center Houston’s New Exhibit Opens in April 2018

Feb. 16, 2018 | Peoria Times

Space Center Houston Honors Science Educator for Extraordinary Teaching

Feb. 6, 2018 | Azteca America Houston

Somos Texas: Space Center Houston

Feb. 1, 2018 | Houston Public Media

Space Center Houston Hosts More Than 500 Teachers at Conference

Jan. 31, 2018 | Huffington Post

Houston toujours debout!

Jan. 30, 2018 | Houston Public Media

One Of Houston’s Most Historic Places Getting Major Restoration

Jan. 29, 2018 | NBC 4

NASA’s moon-landing mission control gets makeover

Jan. 27, 2018 | Rare Houston

NASA’s Historic Mission Control restoration underway, bringing new life to the space

Jan. 26, 2018 |

NASA Sends Historic Apollo Mission Control Consoles to Kansas to be Restored

Jan. 26, 2018 | KHOU 11

JSC’s historic Mission Control gets retro makeover

Jan. 25, 2018 | KHOU 11

Restoring Mission Control at Johnson Space Center

Jan. 25, 2018 | KPRC 2

Why NASA’s mission control consoles, used for the first moon landing, will be restored

Jan. 25, 2018 | Houston Chronicle

NASA removes a piece of historic Mission Control as restoration efforts ramp up

Jan. 25, 2018 | Fox 7

Restoration begins at NASA for historic mission control

Dec. 13, 2017
Space Center Houston Offers a Slice of Space History and More

Dec. 10, 2017
Watch Xploration Outer Space feature Space Center University

Nov. 30, 2017
Between the Lines: Craig visits Space Center Houston

Nov. 11, 2017
Los museos de ciencia más espectaculares del mundo (The most spectacular science museums in the world)

Oct. 18, 2017
Now Boarding: Destination Moon Highlights Apollo 11’s Make It Work Moments

Oct. 17, 2017
Apollo 11’s capsule went to the moon. Here’s how the Smithsonian prepares it for a shorter trip

Oct. 13, 2017
Apollo 11 Command Module, Other Rare NASA Artifacts Arrive In Houston
Apollo 11 command module, artifacts on display in Houston starting Saturday

Oct. 12, 2017
50 years later, the Apollo 11 command module still dazzles
‘Destination Moon’ traveling exhibit marks return to Houston for Apollo 11 spacecraft
Apollo 11 exhibit to open Saturday at Space Center Houston

Sept. 28, 2017
“Go” for Restoration

Sept. 26, 2017
More Nonprofits Are Running Their Own Crowdfunding Drives

Aug. 22, 2017
Space Center Houston Gets Close To Financial Goal To Restore Mission Control

Aug. 21, 2017
Crowds flock to Space Center Houston for eclipse

Aug. 17, 2017
A Stellar Day Trip: Visiting Space Center Houston

Aug. 10, 2017
Space Center Houston Launches Campaign to Restore Historic Mission Control

Aug. 2, 2017
NASA’s Historic Mission Control Room In Houston Will Be Restored

Aug. 1, 2017
Kickstarter campaign aims to save historic NASA Mission Control Center
Locals pitch in to Kickstarter to restore NASA’s Mission Control in Houston
Campaign launched to restore NASA’s historic Mission Control room

July 26, 2017
Space Center Houston on a mission to restore historic control room
Schmitt shares stories from his journey to the moon

July 25, 2017
Houston, we have a financial problem: Space Center forced to launch Kickstarter campaign to restore NASA’s Apollo Mission control

July 24, 2017
A Nonprofit Needs Your Help To Restore A Historic NASA Command Center

July 23, 2017
Space Center Houston launches crowdfunding campaign for Mission Control restoration

July 21, 2017
48th anniversary of NASA’s first moon landing, new campaign to preserve historic Mission Control
In search of donations: NASA’s famed Apollo Mission Control Center

July 20, 2017
Space Center Houston crowdfunding to restore NASA’s mission control
Campaign launched to help renovate Mission Control at Space Center Houston
New Frontier: Space Center Crowdfunds for Mission Control Facelift
Houston, we have a Kickstarter: Campaign launches to restore Mission Control
Space Center Houston launches campaign to restore Apollo Mission Control

July 14, 2017
Newbury Park resident wins $175,000 in international robotics competition
Un recorrido por el Centro Espacial Houston

July 10, 2017
“Destination Moon: The Apollo 11 Mission” Launches This Year

July 9, 2017
Austin Memorial Library rockets into Summer Reading

July 6, 2017
Winners Announced in Global Space Robotics Challenge

July 5, 2017
4 Programmer Teams That Won NASA’s Global Space Robotics Challenge
Historic Mission Control Sees One Last Launch

June 30, 2017
Top Programmers Announced Today in Global Space Robotics Challenge

June 14, 2017
Experience space at Space Center Houston

June 9, 2017
The future is at Space Center Houston

June 5, 2017
Space Center Houston payroll pro has the right stuff

May 12, 2017
The Apollo 11 command module will take off on tour

May 7, 2017
Space Center Houston’s On a Mission to Restore Historic Mission Control

April 24, 2017
Mission Mars: Debuting in Space Center Houston’s 25th anniversary year

April 14, 2017
Effort Underway To Restore Apollo Mission Control

April 12, 2017
Webster Donation Puts JSC Mission Control Restoration Into Hyperdrive
On a mission: Restoration to return NASA Mission Control room to Apollo glory

April 11, 2017
Movie of Houston’s space contributions premieres at Space Center Houston

April 10, 2017
Out of this World Touches Take Gala to Another Galaxy

April 7, 2017
Webster approves millions to help restore NASA’s Historic Mission Control

April 6, 2017
$3.5 Million to Help Restore Space Center Mission Control
Webster gives Space Center Houston $3.5 million to restore mission control

April 2, 2017
Galaxy Gala is a real blast, with out-of-this-world visitors, interstellar fashion show, celeb band

Feb. 27, 2017
Apollo 11 Command Module Goes on Tour

Feb. 26, 2017
Insider Exclusive: Space Center Houston inspiring new generation of explorers

Feb. 22, 2017
Reach for the stars
‘Destination Moon’: Museums and science centers plan for Apollo 11 exhibit
Smithsonian to launch Apollo 11 Columbia spacecraft on national tour
Apollo 11 command module going on tour, coming to Houston later this year
NASA employees’ art can be from out of this world

Jan. 25, 2017
Space for Art: New exhibit displays artistic side of astronauts, NASA workers

Jan. 23, 2017
Space Center Houston Remembers Gene Cernan, Last Man on the Moon

Jan. 20, 2017
Mission to Mars: Multi-million dollar exhibit opening at Space Center Houston

Jan. 19, 2017
‘Mission Mars’ exhibit brings exploration of red planet to Space Center Houston

Jan. 18, 2017
7 Reasons to Plan a Trip to Houston

Dec. 20, 2016
Save Mission Control
Space Center Houston hosts special screening of ‘Hidden Figures’

Dec. 14, 2016
‘Science Sisters’ win best STEM teachers for second year in a row

Dec. 7, 2016
Travel: Houston … no problem
Inspiring Curiosity: Meet the finalists!

Nov. 29, 2016
Space Center Houston’s Independence Plaza Named Recipient of Two IAAPA Brass Ring Awards

Nov. 21, 2016
Exploration Academy: Central Middle School students get the chance of a lifetime

Nov. 17, 2016
Apollo Missions to the Moon: The Memorabilia Stage

Oct. 14, 2016
The Ultimate Guide to Visiting Space Center Houston with Kids

Oct. 12, 2016
An Astronomical Experience

Sept. 19, 2016
Out of this world subject matter fascinates River Oaks crowd focused on education

Sept. 16, 2016
Astronauts aplenty at Space Center Houston’s inaugural luncheon

Sept. 8, 2016
Mellem rumskibe og raketter i Texas

Aug. 27, 2016
Pre-Super Bowl event scores touchdown with kids at Space Center Houston

Aug. 19, 2016
Think You Can Guide a Virtual NASA Droid on Mars? You Could Win $1 Million
One-Million-Dollar NASA Space Robotics Centennial Challenge Underway

Aug. 12, 201
Nueva exhibición MythBusters

Aug. 8, 2016
Space Center Houston, Where You Can Experience the Heart of NASA

July 29, 2016
9 Reasons Everyone Should Go on a Cross-country Trip
Cruisin’ with Courtney: Kemah Boardwalk and Beyond
Top End Of Summer Family Activities In Houston

July 12, 2016
Chip Goes Inside Independence Plaza

July 11, 2016
Adam Savage Visits Space Center Houston

June 24, 2016
CityPASS Houston Texas – The Best Way to Tour

June 23, 2016
Celebrate Independence Day in Houston

June 2, 2016
What to do in Houston

June 3, 2016
Great Day Houston Pack Your Bag Challenge

May 13, 2016
For This New Nonprofit Leader, the Sky Isn’t the Limit

May 8, 2016
Greenfield native reflects becomes Space Center Houston CEO

May 2, 2016
Don’t miss these local landmarks

April 23, 2016
Kaci Heins leaves NPA for job at Space Center Houston

April 27, 2016
Blast Off to a Fun Summer in Space

April 19, 2016
High School Students Compete in Cook-off for Astronaut Recipe Selection

April 18, 2016
A Visit to Space Center Houston
Discover Legendary Myths at Space Center Houston’s Summer Exhibit
IAAPA details new attractions opening worldwide in 2016

April 6, 2016
William Harris is the New President and CEO of Space Center Houston
Area Middle School Students Launch Rockets at HCC
Something Fun for Everyone

April 5, 2016
Visit Houston for an Out of This World Experience to Space Center Houston

April 2, 2016
People in Business

April 1, 2016
Space Center Houston Names New Leader
New CEO Takes Helm After National Search

March 28, 2016
Exploring Space City

March 16, 2016
Buzz Aldrin Talks March Madness and Mars Exploration

March 1, 2016
Go Inside a Space Shuttle
It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s a … Visitor Center?

Feb. 17, 2016
Mission accomplished!

Feb. 12, 2016
Houston un paso adelante, siempre!

Feb. 8, 2016
Una Nueva Atracción Espacial Abre Sus Puertas en Houston

Feb. 5, 2016
Desde el Centro Espacial de Houston, misión cumplida, al inaugurar Independence Plaza

Feb. 3, 2016
PGAL-designed Independence Plaza at Space Center Houston

Feb. 1, 2016
Seeing Is Believing: Enormous Shuttle Program Artifact Inspires Wonder

Jan. 31, 2016
Un Recorrido A Texas

Jan. 28, 2016
Exhiben NASA 905

Jan. 26, 2016
New Space Center exhibit towers in Bay Area

Jan. 25, 2016
Abren la Plaza Independencia en el Centro Espacial Johnson de Houston

Jan. 23, 2016
Space shuttle reunited with piggyback plane
Mission accomplished! 747-space shuttle exhibit launches in Houston
Space shuttle’s piggyback plane unveiled

Jan. 22, 2016
Longtime CEO of Space Center Houston says it’s time for new blood
No shuttle? No problem. Space City’s new carrier aircraft exhibit soars
Independence Plaza Opens at Space Center Houston
Space Center Houston readies new shuttle exhibit for launch
Bigger on the inside: First look at Houston’s new 747-shuttle exhibit

Jan. 21, 2016
Sneak peek: See Space Center’s new, colossal exhibit ‘Independence Plaza’
Space Center Houston’s Shuttle Exhibit Opens To The Public Saturday
One-of-a-kind Independence Plaza exhibit to open at Space Center Houston Saturday
Space Center Houston Readies New Shuttle Exhibit

Jan. 20, 2016
New Space Center Houston exhibit offers glimpse into shuttle flights
Space Center Houston unveils new shuttle exhibit
Hometown Live: Shuttle Independence

Jan. 19, 2016
Astronauts and Skydivers to Help Open Houston 747-Shuttle Exhibit

Jan. 18, 2016
Astronauts and skydivers to help celebrate Houston 747-shuttle exhibit opening

Jan. 7, 2016
Space Center Houston prepares to open Independence Plaza

Jan. 6, 2016
What’s Happening in Houston in 2016

Jan. 3, 2016
New Space Center exhibit revives the spirit of shuttle program

Jan. 1, 2016
Day Trips & Beyond: January Events Roundup


Dec. 31, 2015
Where To Go In 2016

Six Must-Attend Events: January 1–7

Dec. 22, 2015
Places to Channel Your Inner Astronaut Without Leaving Earth

Houston se prepara para una gran inauguración

Dec. 19, 2015
A most wonderful time of the year at Space Center Houston

Orion capsule exhibit previews ‘Journey to Mars’ at Space Center Houston

Dec. 4, 2015

Space Center Houston opens international landmark to the world

Space Center Houston to open shuttle exhibit

Dec. 2, 2015

“Be The Astronaut” Exhibit Opens At Space Center Houston

Nov. 21, 2015
Discover the newest international landmark, Independence Plaza.

Nov. 11, 2015
Outgoing Space Center Houston CEO Discusses 20 Years of Running Houston’s Space Destination

Nov. 7
Need a job? Why not work in space with NASA?

Oct. 30, 2015
‘Be the Astronaut’ and ‘Journey to Space’ in new museum exhibits

Oct. 5, 2015
Follow in astronauts’ footsteps

Sept. 2, 2015
Launching Imaginations at NASA’s Space Center Houston

Aug. 25, 2015
‘8 Days or Bust’ +50: Gemini 5 Made History with 1st Crew Mission Patch

Aug. 23, 2015
Space Center Houston slideshow: STEM on steroids

Nationally awarded education director joins Space Center Houston

Aug. 16, 2015
Houston: “Best Places to Travel in 2015” Por Travel and Leisure

Aug. 13, 2015
Eleven-year-old inventor takes part in Space Center Houston programs

Aug. 12, 2015
Launch Date Set for Space Center Houston Shuttle Carrier Aircraft Attraction

Space Center Houston sets opening date for space shuttle exhibit

Space Center Houston announces opening date for shuttle experience

Space Center Houston announces exhibit to celebrate shuttle era

Aug. 10, 2015
Houston, la bella

July 12, 2015
Houston, tenemos un premio de TripAdvisor

July 9, 2015
Plan a family day trip to Space Center Houston

July 7, 2015
A day trip to Houston: Visiting Space Center Houston

June 24, 2015
Space Center Houston inspires the next generation of space travelers

June 11, 2015
Space Center Houston taps executive for newly created position

June 9, 2015
Omega celebrated Apollo 13 with a party in an airplane hanger with George Clooney, astronauts, and Speedmaster watches

June 2, 2015
New exhibit challenges visitors with race into deep space

May 22, 2015
Space Center Houston Spacecraft Featured on Travel Channel’s “Mysteries at the Museum”

May 20, 2015
Space Center Houston has fun and educational exhibits for the kids this summer

May 20, 2015
Space Center Houston featured on Program Key to the City

May 19, 2015
Chuck Norris and Gary Sinise unite at first-ever Space Center Houston gala

May 18, 2015
NASA astronauts and Hollywood actor/guitarist headline Space Center Houston’s $1 million “Galaxy Gala”

May 17, 2015
Chuck Norris delivers punch of support for space shuttle exhibit at Houston gala

May 12, 2015
Space Center Houston summer activities help inspire discovery

May 5, 2015
May the Fourth be with you

Spring 2015
The Next Best Thing to Space

March 26, 2015
Out of this World! Space Center Houston’s Level 9 Tour

March 20, 2015
Ripley’s Bizarre Buying Bazaar 

March 19, 2015
Ruben and kids visit Ripley’s at Space Center Houston

March 18, 2015
New Global Summit for Teens Debuts at Space Center Houston

March 16, 2015
Now playing: ‘Journey To Space’ launches into giant screen theaters

March 10, 2015
Underbelly’s Chris Shepherd taking part in Space Center Houston Mars food challenge

Feb. 20, 2015
Ripley’s debuts space station made out of 280,000 matchsticks, believe it or not

March 20, 2015
Houston scores on international tourism by playing to core strengths

Jan. 29, 2015
HCC teams with Houston Rockets, NASA and Space Center Houston to make Science come to life

Jan. 23, 2015
Smithsonian’s ‘Star Trek’ Enterprise Docks for Museum Restoration

Jan. 22, 2015
2015 Space Exploration Educators Conference

Jan. 17, 2015
Houston Rockets and HCC Announce Middle School STEM Program with NASA and Space Center Houston

Jan. 15, 2015
HCC, Houston Rockets to launch Rockets Science program

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Moon 2 Mars Festival is back!

Tickets on sale now | March 13 - 16

The All-American Rejects are throwing Space Center Houston’s Moon 2 Mars Festival into hyperdrive. Amp up your Space City Spring Break with us!

Access to this all-ages festival is included in general admission.


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Space Center Houston is working to foster a new generation of scientists, engineers, and innovators. In a city renowned for its pioneering spirit and innovation, inspiring our youth to reach for the stars is crucial. Your donation today will allow us to provide engaging programs and invaluable opportunities for more under-resourced students to explore science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Make a gift now and make a lasting impact on our community’s future!