Bring the excitement of Space Center Houston directly to you! Take your students on an unforgettable adventure through the wonders of space exploration without ever leaving your location with our Orbital Outreach program.

Space Center Houston instructors conduct presentations for groups of 30-250 students ages 4-15. Presentations range from 30-50 minutes in length and are aligned with TEKS and National Science Standards.

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Orbital Outreach with Space Center Houston.

Pricing & Registrations

Stellar Presentations

Classroom Presentations

$295 for two 45 minute presentations

  • Both presentations must be on the same topic
  • Max 30 students
  • Add a hands on activity $25 per session
  • We suggest that groups with a wide span of ages be divided into two presentations. (Example: Ages 4-7 and ages 8-11)

Large assembly presentations

$350 for a 45 minute presentation

  • 31-250 student

Mileage Fee

Mileage fee applies to all destinations over 20 miles from Space Center Houston.

  • $25: 20-30 miles
  • $35: 31-45 miles
  • $40: 46-60 miles

Students listen to a Space Center Houston educator present on space and STEM.

Stellar Presentations

Space Center Houston instructors will take your students on an immersive journey into the wonders of space through interactive presentations. These presentations are available for small groups up to 30 students or larger groups up to 250. Presentation last from 45 to 50 minutes.

For classrooms of no more than 30 students, hands on activities can be added for $25 per session.


Suiting Up

Ages 4-11 | 45 minutes

Have you ever wondered how astronauts get dressed for a space walk or why they need a special suit?Students will explore “pressure” and how the harsh environment of space affects the human body.

Add on hands-on activity: Balloon Astronaut ($25) 

Students will design a protective spacesuit to protect their balloon astronaut from harmful micrometeorites.


Living in Space

Ages 4-15 | 45 minutes

Imagine your house in space. How would life be different than here on Earth? From wake-up to bedtime, discover what astronauts do onboard the International Space Station to overcome the everyday “hassles” of life.

Add-on activity: Astronaut food tasting party ($25)

Your students will get to make and sample their own Astronaut meal. They will take home a food sample they make.


We Have Lift-Off

Ages 8-15 | 45 minutes

Rockets! Rockets! Everywhere! Explore the history of rockets starting with the Mercury Program and ending with NASA’s latest endeavors. Find out how rockets work and what it takes to get them into space.

Add-on activity: Air pressure rocket building and launching

Students will explore the laws of physics while they build and launch their own rocket using air pressure.


Planet Hunter

Ages 5+ | 45 minutes*

Join our intrepid Planet Hunter on an exciting and entertaining search for planets outside of our own solar system! Learn how many we’ve already found, how we find them and what the future may hold for alien life. Show includes basic astronomy, audience participation, and live performance with multimedia

Q&A session will follow the show. 

*Only available as assembly

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Fax: 281-283-7724

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