Space Center Houston's

STEM Innovation in Schools Program

Presented by Chevron

Space Center Houston is excited to team up with Chevron to create a unique opportunity for Houston-area classrooms to join the team of engineers, scientists, and aerospace professionals solving space exploration’s greatest challenges.

In the very near future, NASA and its international partners will return to the Moon and set the stage for exploration of the distant Martian frontier. With the Moon and Mars days to months away from the Earth, our crews will need to be self-reliant. One of the most pressing challenges we will face on long-duration space missions is maintaining the health of the crew. This challenge focuses on performing medical procedures in a distant and isolated exploration environment.

Space Center Houston will provide all participating teachers and classrooms supporting resources to maximize student and teacher success. In early May, Space Center Houston will announce the challenge winners. The award ceremony will be streamed live so all participating classrooms can attend.

Challenge Timeline

Are you ready to join the mission?

Step 1

Download and review the Official Rules Document.

Step 2

Gather the information for the application as outlined in the Official Rules Document and apply through our online form by clicking the button below. The deadline to apply is Feb. 1, 2021.


Step 3

You will receive a notification when your completed application has been received. Selected teachers and classrooms will be announced on Feb. 3, 2021.

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