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Space Center Houston’s

STEM Innovation in Schools Program

Presented by Chevron

Submission Deadline: May 17, 2024

Space Center Houston has teamed up with Chevron to create a unique opportunity for Houston-area students in grades K-12 to join engineers, scientists, and aerospace professionals in solving space exploration’s greatest challenges.

The STEM Innovations in Schools program, presented by Chevron, has launched the Carbon Capture Challenge. Space Center Houston is spearheading this challenge with expert panelists from Chevron, NASA Johnson Space Center and Greentown Labs.

Through this challenge, we are empowering students to develop innovative solutions to make our planet more sustainable.

When students participate in this challenge, they will:

Build new skills or grow existing skills
  • Grow their confidence | This challenge is perfect to help build students’ confidence in competing in STEM-based regional competitions.
  • Network with peers | Participants will be able to connect with other students in the Houston area interested in STEM.
  • Help humanity | Ideas submitted by participants will go towards furthering a more sustainable planet and future!
Receive prizes
  • Visit Space Center Houston! | Each student that submits a project will receive a free ticket to Space Center Houston.
  • Additional prizes for challenge finalists include:
    • Family-level memberships to Space Center Houston | Memberships provide free year-round access to the center and free parking, in addition to other exclusive members-only benefits.
    • Scholarships to attend Space Center U® | This immersive, challenging multi-day program promotes teamwork, problem solving, communication and engineering solutions to space-related situations.

About Carbon Capture

Carbon dioxide capture and storage (CSS), sometimes simply referred to as carbon capture, is a process in which a stream of carbon dioxide (CO2) from industrial and energy-related sources is separated (captured), conditioned, compressed and transported to a storage location for long-term isolation from the atmosphere.

To meet the goals of the Paris Agreement carbon emissions must be reduced. Carbon capture, utilization and storage is a pivotal process in supporting this agreement. 

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