Monday’s Space Links

Another Monday is here, which means it’s time to rund own all the news that’s fit to print on this blog. Well, all the news that I found recently in links on this blog. That’s not really “printed.” But you get the point. What’s going on in the wide world of space? Here’s a sampling. […]

VIDEO: Astronaut debrief – Expedition 54/55

What did astronauts Joe Acaba, Mark Vande Hei and Scott Tingle do when they were aboard the International Space Station? What experiments did they run? How did they sleep? Relive the journey of Expeditions 54/55 with the mission’s astronauts. The three NASA astronauts are joined by fellow Expedition 54/55 cosmonauts Alexander Misurkin and Anton Shkaplerov […]

On anniversary, Curiosity rover still exploring Mars

On Mars, there is a roving science laboratory with lasers and cameras and active science experiments as we speak. On Aug. 5, 2012, Curiosity landed on Mars and has been making tracks (and history) ever since. Let’s run through some quick facts about the Mars Science Laboratory. What’s it’s real name? Both? Both. The Mars […]

NASA announces Commercial Crew astronauts

Soon, American astronauts will launch on missions to the International Space Station from U.S. soil. That may not seem like a monumental sentence, but it’s been six years and counting since the last Space Shuttle mission launched. Since then, any astronauts journeying to ISS had to go through Russia’s Roscosmos program. Astronaut Suni Williams will […]

Monday’s Space Links

Welcome to another week of marvelous space links. What happened since we last blogged about space stuff? Gizmodo covers some remarkable new images of Neptune. What’s even cooler is these images were gathered from Earth as opposed to an orbiting telescope like Hubble. Technology really is amazing. TechCrunch covers the feat by Blue Origin last […]

Parker Solar Probe to launch in August

Soon, a new mission will swoop toward the sun. It won’t be Helios’ chariot. It won’t be Ra traveling on his solar barques. Instead, it will be the first spacecraft to study the sun up close. In the past, NASA and other space agencies have studied the sun through observational satellites like WIND or SOHO. […]

Tuesday’s Space Links

As this blog grows and changes, we’re adding a new semi-regular feature. This piece will round up the latest space news and notes for your easy consumption. It’s not comprehensive, but these stories all have relevance to space exploration. If you have a link you’d like featured, drop me a note at When a […]

ICON Spacecraft Launch delayed

NASA’s continues to explore the frontiers of space. One of its neatest missions, the Ionospheric Connection Exploration (ICON) satellite, was supposed to launch in June. However, that launch has been delayed. Let’s learn a little about one of the newest exploratory missions in our solar system. What is ICON? Artist rendering of satellite The Ionospheric […]

Stephen Hawking’s genius

Imagine a muscle cramp. It starts small and grows into a fire, coursing through your leg, your arm, your neck, disappearing in 30 seconds. Imagine that fire engulfing your body for 55 years. Imagine that pain, that disease stealing your mobility, your voice, your ability to breathe. Stephen Hawking changed the way we view the […]

A new Expedition to ISS

NASA’s next mission leaves for the International Space Station on June 6. Who are the astronauts going up to ISS? What will they do there? Let’s break down Expedition 57. Who’s the crew? Joining NASA astronauts Ricky Arnold and Commander Drew Feustel on ISS is Serena Aunon-Chancellor. Expedition 56-57 crew member Serena Auñón-Chancellor of NASA […]