% risks of space exploration part 1

Top 5 risks of space exploration Part 1: Gravity 

Voyager has left the solar system; we have rovers on Mars and New Horizons has ventured into the Kuiper Belt. But the goal is not only to have robots in space, but a sustainable human presence. This human element is the most fragile part of the mission. The challenges to

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What is the Kuiper Belt?

Though the center is temporarily closed, we are still passionate about sharing science and space exploration. In this series, we’ll take a quick tour through a science or space topic. Today we are exploring the Kuiper Belt. Where do comets come from? Where does the dwarf planet Pluto reside? Where

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Van Allen radiation belts

What are the Van Allen radiation belts?

Today we are exploring the Van Allen radiation belts. Find out what they are, when they were discovered, how we study them and more! What belts does earth wear? Van Allen radiation belts.  Over 60 years ago, the United States launched its first satellite into space: Explorer 1, which included

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Top 10 photos of other planets and moons

An integral part of NASA’s mission has always been to explore and discover worlds beyond our own. These images capture just how cool some of those other worlds are! Scroll through our top 10 images of other planets and moons to see if your favorite made the cut! All these

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