Mission Briefing Center

Get your space news fix at the Mission Briefing Center with live presentations sharing real-time updates on current NASA missions. Learn what NASA has planned for the future of deep space exploration, get updates on current missions and learn about special events happening in space and on Earth.

Our trained Mission Briefing Officers present up-to-date content about the experiments conducted by astronauts in the fields of human research, biological and physical sciences, technology, education and Earth observation in order to move us forward in our pursuit of space exploration.

The presentations are supported by videos, data and graphics on three screens above a 1980s mission control panel replica, making you feel like you traveled back in time to the beginning of the Space Shuttle Era.

The officer will answer questions at the end of the presentation and share where to find more space mission updates and live broadcasts.

International Space Station (ISS) briefing

Did you know astronauts have lived in space continuously since November 2000? This briefing has updates about who is currently on the International Space Station, how they communicate from Earth to space, the transportation astronauts use to get there and the challenges they face every day.

The presentation will also cover the scientific investigations in Earth observation, 3D printing, human research, robotics and more.

Get the answers to questions like: What is space travel doing for us on Earth? Who or what is a cosmonaut? How does the Earth look from space?

Mars and future deep space exploration briefing

Keep yourself posted on the mission of the Mars Science Lab, also known as the rover Curiosity. Learn about its expedition, the important findings NASA has made and what NASA has planned for future Mars exploration. See images and videos taken by Curiosity and follow its path throughout the red planet.

This briefing includes information about the Curiosity rover as well as future events happening in space and what NASA Johnson Space Center is currently working on next door. Learn about future deep space exploration including human spaceflight, the Orion spacecraft and the Space Launch System.

Our Mission Briefing Officers share mission updates about future deep space exploration including human spaceflight, the Orion and the Space Launch System.

The briefings typically take place three times a day and last around 30 minutes. Times are displayed at the entrance of the center and on the daily schedule in the Map and Guide; times may vary. The Mission Briefing Center is located next to the motion simulator rides in Space Center Plaza.

Host an event at the Mission Briefing Center and brief your attendees about your own missions and updates using the Mission Control equipment.