Venue Information

Space Center Houston Plaza
100-5,000 guests, 120,000 sq. ft.


Featuring six major attraction areas, as well as “traveling” exhibits located on our Plaza Floor. The Feel of Space, Space Center Theater & Astronaut Gallery, Kids Space Place, Blast-Off! Theater, Destiny Theater & Starship Gallery.

*Available after-hours only.

Astronaut Gallery
200-600 guests, 9,881 sq. ft.


The Astronaut Gallery features flight suits dating back to the first American trip into space. This area can be utilized for galas, fundraisers, performances and corporate functions.

*Available after-hours only.

Starship Gallery
40-120 guests, 9,961 sq. ft.


Starship Gallery is home to our space-flown artifacts, Apollo 17, Skylab trainer and our Moon Rock Vault. A perfect setting for a reception and/or group dinner that is sure to keep your guests talking.

*Available after-hours only.

Zero-G Diner
500 guests, 12,348 sq. ft.


The Zero-G Diner provides a multifunctional, colorful space which can accommodate wedding receptions to birthday celebrations.

Silver Moon Over Texas
120 guests, 2,687 sq. ft.


A versatile space for seminars, meetings and receptions. Includes a built-in buffet bar, soda fountain and private restrooms. This room is also easily accessible to the main plaza.

Destiny Theater and Blast-Off! Theater
250 guests


Our theaters may be rented for a private showing of our NASA-themed movie or for your company presentation or guest speaker.

*Available before or after normal operating hours.

The Club
50-100 guests, 2,518 sq. ft.


The Club offers quiet comfort in a relaxed setting while offering a spectacular view of the Space Center Houston Plaza. Perfect for meetings, social gatherings, luncheons or VIP receptions.

The Boardroom
38 guests, 1,400 sq.ft.

The Boardroom

This space seats guests “boardroom” style around a large mahogany square table with comfortable fatigue-free chairs and built-in audiovisual equipment.