Special Events

Visit during one of our special events and engage in additional activities.

Meet an Astronaut Every Friday

They’ve been to outer space, traveling at 17,500 miles per hour…Now they’re coming to Space Center Houston and you can meet them and hear about their out-of-this world adventures on Fridays! This is included in your admission price so don’t miss out! The Astronauts will present at 11:00 and 1:00 with a 30 minute presentation and Q and A. Check upon arrival for the location.

International Space Station Crew Debrief

Zero-G Diner

Relive the journey of International Space Station astronauts in a special free event at Space Center Houston. Hear Expeditions 48 and 49 crew members share their recent mission experiences aboard the International Space Station, answer audience questions and sign autographs.

Expeditions 48 and 49 crew members include NASA astronaut Kate Rubins, who became the first person to sequence DNA in space on Expedition 49, and NASA astronaut Jeff Williams, who broke the record for most cumulative time spent in space by a U.S. astronaut during Expedition 48.

The international crewmates from Expeditions 48 and 49 also will attend the debrief, including Oleg Skripochka, Anatoly Ivanishin and Alexey Ovchinin of the Russian space agency Roscosmos and Takuya Onishi of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency.

The crew debrief begins at 6:45 p.m. next Thursday, Dec. 15, in Space Center Theater at Space Center Houston.