Shine a light on the world around you with our new exhibit, Playing with Light, open Nov. 2 through Jan. 1. Light is fundamental to our everyday lives. This fall, play ignites the imagination and facilitates learning through creativity, exploration and discovery! This exhibit combines light and play into one stellar experience that lets you playfully experiment with light through 22 interactive exhibits. Illuminate your world this fall with an adventure that is fun for the whole family!

Shine a light on the world around you!

Did you know humans glow due to internal chemical reactions? The light we emit is just too dull for the human eye to observe! Playing with Light, designed and developed by Scitech and produced by Imagine Exhibitions, explores the vital role light plays in our lives through interactive experiments, activities, and light displays.

  • Learn about lasers and their use for security applications while you dodge them to get across a room.
  • Gain insight into the inner workings of a toy kaleidoscope by immersing yourself in a hall of mirrors.
  • Freeze your own shadow as you explore phosphorescence, paint with infrared light.
  • Build a telescope and adjust the lens to learn about optics and astronomy.
  • See a model of NASA's James Webb Space Telescope and learn about the light used to study Earth and other planets in our solar system and beyond.
  • Find out how scientists take the "twinkle" out of stars when studying them.

Enhance your experience by downloading the exhibit companion guide and the exhibit accessibility and sensory guide.
Please note: Light effects may cause photosensitive reaction.