New souvenir photos offer 360-degree coverage

Our new 360-degree photography booth is truly rad! Space Center Houston is pleased to announce a new unique virtual-motion capture experience for its guests. The Orbiter 360 degree technology was created for movies by Big Freeze Worldwide.

The Orbiter 360 degree is the most advanced user-activated “Frozen Moment” camera array technology available to the public in the world. Once a guest’s frozen moment is captured in front of a variety of space scenarios, the guest can quickly view and select his or her high-resolution digital background image to share via email and social media.

This 360 degree photo experience is not offered anywhere else in the southern United States.

Two scans costs $10 and guests may choose from up to four backgrounds. Custom themes can be created for people renting the center for a special event, but at least one week’s notice is required.