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Mission Control the Spread

NASA continues to benefit humanity. The space agency is helping with innovations to support a global response to coronavirus (COVID-19). Our newest exhibit Mission: Control the Spread explores how crisis sparks innovation, and it demonstrates how NASA is helping with the response to COVID-19.

NASA JPL Pulse Pendant
PULSE Pendant designed by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory to remind the wearer not to touch their face.
In this temporary exhibit, discover how NASA is gaining new understandings of the coronavirus and offering solutions to some of the challenges presented by the pandemic in pioneering ways.

This new exhibit explores topics such as how NASA uses supercomputers to mimic the virus, why astronauts study vaccines in space and how NASA quarantines space station astronauts before and after missions.

Gain a better understanding of how viruses works and how our bodies react to them. See how viruses spread and watch the Earth Observation Dashboard to learn how the global response to the coronavirus can be seen from space.

Find out how to stay safe and how NASA is working to help keep us safe. Discover some of the technology NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory is inventing like a special breathing machine called VITAL and the PULSE Pendant, which is wearable technology that alerts a person when his or her hand is nearing their face.

Build your own PULSE Pendant

Explore engineering to 3D print your own wearable that will remind you not to touch your face. PULSE is a simple technology that can be reproduced by anyone with basic soldering skills.

Materials & Instructions

Earth Observing Dashboard

The Earth Observing Dashboard is an international collaboration to combine resources, technical knowledge and expertise to strengthen our global understanding of the environmental and economic effects of COVID-19. The dashboard is a concerted effort between NASA, the European Space Agency (ESA), and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA).


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