Mars Together Global Summit

Space Center Houston’s Mars Together Global Summit, presented by United Airlines, invited students ages 13 to 17 from around the world to explore the space science, technology and global citizenship needed to travel to Mars and develop a sustainable community.

Students participated in interactive workshops and heard from NASA astronauts, scientists and engineers. All activities aimed to inspire students to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Program activities

Students who attended the Summit participated in the activities below.

  • Traveling to Mars (Thermal Design)
  • Preparing for Mars (Water, Survival, & Packing)
  • Living on Mars (Habitat Commercial)
  • Exploring Mars (Rovers)
  • Our Past & Future (Gallery Tour & Movie)
  • Tour of NASA Johnson Space Center

Frequently asked questions

This year, instead of focusing on a single area, students will participate in activities from several different Mars-related subjects in order to have a more varied learning experience. To keep class sizes manageable, students will be divided into rotation groups, but each rotation group will engage in the same activities at different times.
Incoming groups of participants will be divided and sorted into different class rotations in order to give participants the experience of collaborating with students of different nationalities. Settling on Mars will be an international endeavor, after all.

Students will be able to mingle freely during mealtimes, free time and evening activities.

At this time, Space Center Houston has no dormitories. Participants must arrange their own lodging at a local hotel, but hotel accommodations are not included in the price of the Summit. Local participants may choose to commute to Space Center Houston from home.
Breakfast should be taken before arriving at Space Center Houston in the morning.

Lunch is included in the price of the Summit. Students will be issued meal tickets that will allow them to select from different menu options at a counter in our Zero-G Diner.

Dinner is included in the price of the Summit and will be served to attendees. During the registration process, there will be an opportunity to state whether an attendee has food allergies or religious dietary restrictions.

Space Center Houston only offers transportation during the tour at Johnson Space Center. Attendees are responsible for all other transportation needs.
We recommend comfortable clothing for hot weather, but –
• NO cut-off shorts or short shorts.
• NO tank tops, spaghetti straps, or strapless tops.
• NO ripped jeans or pants worn below the hips (sagged).
• NO T-shirts with offensive language or symbols.
• NO open-toed shoes.
Yes. If you are a student with special needs or with disabilities, we encourage you to enroll. We may be able to provide you with auxiliary aids and services to assist you. Please contact us for more information or to discuss your particular needs prior to enrolling in the program.
Yes. We welcome students of all religious and cultural backgrounds. We are happy to work with you. Please notify us prior to the start of the Summit so that we can prepare for your experience.
Once a group is fully registered, we can provide an invitation letter for the entire group. We will email the letter to the group coordinator, who then bears the responsibility of giving the letter to the Embassy or Consulate.
Yes. The price for a chaperone attendee is $375, just as it is for students.
Group sizes are not limited, as long as each group comes with at least one chaperone per every 10 students. The Summit can accommodate a total of 180 students.
Registrations will be accepted until June 6.
No refunds will be issued after June 6, the registration deadline.
Please direct questions to:
Anna Jennings
+1 281-244-2148
Stephanie McMahon