Try One of Our Delicious Group Lunch Options

Do we hear your stomach growling? Put it at ease by adding a satisfying lunch option to your group ticket purchase for a discounted price of just $9.95 each for the value meal or $11 each for the super meal! A delicious Coca-Cola drink is included with every meal.

Browse the scrumptious options below and order the meal tickets for your group by calling +1 281-283-4755. Then just show up, explore and eat. It’s that easy!

Hamburger and fries
A hot, juicy 100 percent Angus beef burger on a soft buttery buncomplete with fresh toppings and crispy golden French fries. Yum!

Cheeseburger and fries
Say cheese! All the goodness of our 100 percent Angus beef burger and fresh toppings smothered in hot, bubbly American cheese with a side of crispy golden French fries.

Chicken tenders and fries
Large all-white meat chicken tenders tossed in our special batter and fried until golden brown and delicious, sitting aside those hot crispy fries!

Jumbo hot dog and fries
An American classic with grown up taste! A savory adult-sized grilled hot dog with your choice of toppings paired with crispy golden French fries.

Two slices of pizza
Your choice of two jumbo slices of pizza loaded with pepperoni or cheese and marinara sauce…Mama Mia!
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