The Galileo shuttlecraft, the largest prop from the original Star Trek television series, is part of the collection of Space Center Houston. After a year-long restoration that started in 2012, Galileo found its permanent home in the collection of Space Center Houston.

The life-size exhibit is one of the few in the world where visitors can see iconic sci-fi history that influenced generations of innovators. Some things in the show that then were science fiction later became science fact, such as doors with sensors that open as someone approaches and the cellular phone.

The Galileo shuttlecraft was first featured in the Star Trek: The Original Series episode “The Galileo Seven.” After three seasons, Star Trek was canceled in 1969 and Galileo was donated. The shuttlecraft was sold several times and stored outside in the elements for many years until it was purchased by die-hard Star Trek fans and memorabilia collectors Adam and Leslie Schneider.

The Schneiders restored Galileo and donated it to Space Center Houston.

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