Leave the planet this fall with Days of Exploration at Space Center Houston. Be a part of the mission with all-new experiences, special events and unforgettable adventures.

Planet Pioneers

Explore. Adapt. Survive. See if you have what it takes to discover the exciting and unpredictable worlds that await tomorrow’s space travelers in Planet Pioneers.

Budding explorers face the ultimate survival challenge as they attempt to source their own food, create shelter and solve problems in unknown worlds.

Exciting hands-on activities include driving a 4D exploration vehicle, navigating drone challenges and learning about G-forces in a spinning capsule. Interplanetary travelers of all ages must explore, adapt and survive Planet Pioneers.

Special events and experiences

Enhance your adventure. Meet a space explorer, hear their first-hand experiences and snap a selfie with them at Lunch with an Astronaut every Friday and Saturday. Take a walk on the Moon or Mars in our new Pop-Up Science Lab. Conduct your own experiment and learn about the geology of the lunar surface and the red planet. Hear from experts on a variety of space and science topics in our Thought Leader Series.

NASA Tram Tour

Explore NASA Johnson Space Center through Space Center Houston’s most popular attraction, the NASA Tram Tour. Go behind the scenes for a look at the home of human space exploration. A tour of this working NASA facility is only offered through Space Center Houston and includes a stop at an astronaut training facility, an up-close view of the most powerful rocket flown and more.

International Space Station Gallery

Investigate low earth orbit in the International Space Station (ISS) Gallery. Traveling at more than 17,000 miles per hour, ISS has been continuously inhabited since November 2000. This giant science laboratory gathers research and conducts experiments daily. Experience life in space and see what astronauts do to survive in this interactive and informative exhibit at Space Center Houston.

Mission Mars

Survey the surface of the red planet. Discover what it will take to travel to the fourth planet in our solar system in our interactive exhibit Mission Mars.

Don’t miss the new AstroRad vest on display near the Orion capsule. The AstroRad vest helps prepare astronauts for deep space exploration missions by protecting them from radiation exposure.

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