New exhibit open May 29 - Sept. 6

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Go inside the minds and bodies of extreme athletes to explore the psychology, physiology, and physicality of some of the most extreme activities in the world in our summer exhibit, Beyond Human Limits.

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Dive into the world of extreme sports this summer!

Experience the thrill of extreme sports in exciting, interactive exhibits and immersive environments. Explore the technology, creativity, and innovation inherent in these sports.

The exhibit, developed and produced by Science North in partnership with the Ontario Science Center, illustrates that participation in extreme sports requires skill, training, proper use of specialized equipment, and smart decision-making.

Don't miss out on your chance to experience our all-new summer exhibit, Beyond Human Limits, at Space Center Houston only for a limited time!

Experiences included in the exhibit:

  • Discover the excitement of extreme sports by climbing a rock wall, following in the footsteps of a parkour athlete, and so much more!
  • Hear from famous athletes as they share their stories and what motivates them to push beyond human limits.
  • Learn about the psychology, physiology, and physicality of extreme athletes.
  • Experience what it's like to be a wingsuit pilot by taking part in a first-person flight simulation!
  • Find out if you've got what it takes to be a surfer by attempting to balance on one of two balance boards.
  • Explore the extreme sport of freediving and see how long you can hold your breath!
  • Strike a pose and snap a selfie or group photo with a real BMX bike and skateboard.
  • Discover the parallels between astronaut training and extreme sports in Space Center Houston exclusive content.

Space Center Houston exclusive content

NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC) is the home of astronaut training.

From the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory, a six million gallon pool where astronauts practice spacewalks and splashdowns, to the Space Vehicle Mockup Facility, a massive spacecraft and robotics classroom for astronauts, Space City is where every NASA astronaut prepares for spaceflight.

In our Beyond Human Limits exclusive content, discover the similarities between the training and preparation astronauts complete for spaceflight and the training that goes into extreme sports.

Explore how astronaut survival training, physical fitness, and mental strength help provide astronauts with integral mission abilities and skills like managing stress, coping with isolation, regulating mood, communicating with and leading crew members, staying motivated, and more.

Our exclusive displays also take a look at the improvements NASA spinoffs have lent to safety and performance in sports including helmets, pads, athletics shoes, sportswear materials, sunglasses, wireless communication, and video stabilization software.


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A touring exhibit developed and produced by Science North in partnership with the Ontario Science Center

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