Guide to Space Center Houston's Stars & STEM

We are passionate about sharing science and space exploration with our community. Stars & STEM introduces hundreds of children to the wonders of space exploration. Please review the Stars & STEM guide to learn about the new policies and procedures for Stars & STEM.

Contact information

Camp Information

Stars & STEM form

Each participant, student, and adult need a Space Center Houston Medical Information Form. The lead chaperone of the group needs to have this document on their person during the entire Stars & STEM event.

Medical Release Form

Program enhancement options

Enhance your Stars & STEM experience with a guided tour of Starship Gallery, home to flown spacecraft. Click here to learn more about the guided tours.

T-shirts and patches

Stars & STEM T-shirts come in adult sizes (small, medium, large, X-large, XX-large). Sizes subject to availability. All sizes are $15. Patches are $7. You will purchase and receive your shirts and patches during the Stars & STEM event. Payment may be credit card or cash.

I camped in space t-shirtI camped in space Patch


Meal plans are currently not available for purchase. We are currently only offering individually prepacked grab-and-go food options. We will announce updates and more details on our website as soon as possible.

Frequently asked questions

Do teachers and parents need to pay?

Yes, all students, teachers and chaperones must pay before entering the building. Each paid adult and child will receive an admission ticket for the evening and a ticket for the second day for the following morning. Bus drivers may obtain an event ticket at the adult rate or a second-day ticket (valid only the second day of visit) for $12.95.

When is payment due?

Payment is due in full at the time of registration. Registration must be completed six weeks before your Stars & STEM visit.

Do you accept pay-on-arrival?

Unfortunately, we do not accept pay-on-arrivals. All payments need to be made before your group arrives to ensure that each person has a ticket and a wristband before entering the building the evening of the event.

What is your refund policy?

No refunds will be issued six (6) weeks prior to the event date. Food, staff and materials are determined based on the number of students given six weeks before your Stars & STEM visit. For this reason, refunding partial or full payment is not possible.

Can I add additional students and chaperones once I have sent in my final payment?

Yes! Additional students may be added if there is availability. Please remember that payment must be received for any tickets purchased after the final payment has been sent prior to your arrival.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of people that can attend the Stars & STEM program? How many students can I bring at one time?

All Stars & STEM programs have an event minimum of 20 people. If an event does not meet the 20-person minimum, it can either be refunded or rescheduled to a later Stars & STEM event date. Stars & STEM evening programs have a maximum of 250 people. Please note that attendees ages 18 and younger must have a chaperone.

How far in advance should I plan to book my Stars & STEM visit?

The earlier that you make your reservation, the better chance that you will have of getting the date of your choice. Registration must be completed six weeks before your Stars & STEM visit.

Who can attend Stars & STEM?

Stars & STEM is geared toward groups, but any school-aged students are welcome to attend as long as the minimum requirement of 20 students is met. If the minimum participant requirement is not met, the event can either be refunded or reschedule to a later Stars & STEM event date.

How many chaperones should our group have?

Space Center Houston requires at least one (1) adult chaperone for every ten (10) students.

What are the meal options prior to or after the event?

We are currently only offering individually prepacked grab-and-go food options. We will announce updates and more details on our website as soon as possible.

Do the students need to complete a Space Center Houston medical form?

Yes, each participant, student and adult, needs to complete a Space Center Houston medical form that can be downloaded from the Stars & STEM webpage. The lead chaperone of the group needs to have these forms on their person during the entire Stars & STEM event.

How long does the second-day tour take?

The NASA Tram Tour, which takes you to NASA Johnson Space Center, takes 60 to 90 minutes. Time spent inside Space Center Houston depends on whether your group views any large-screen films or live shows. Three to five hours is usually sufficient, however, we invite you to stay as long as you like!

Will my group have a tour guide?

Prior to your event, the lead chaperone will split the participants into smaller groups to maintain safe social distancing during the event. These groups will each have an instructor to guide them through their activities that evening after dinner. The tram tour is the only part of your second day that will be guided. Touring inside the center is completely self-guided.

Will we get to check out the exhibits and the gift shop during the event?

The exhibits and gift shops will be available only when you use your second day ticket. The Stars & STEM program will keep you busy with hands-on activities throughout your evening.

Do I need to make the hotel arrangements?

Evening Stars & STEM participants that need a hotel should make their own arrangements.

Is there a first aid facility?

Space Center Houston houses a first aid station that is available during the day. Space Center Houston Camp Staff has access to a basic first aid kit for your use.

What safety protocol have to be followed during the event?

Masks must be worn at all times by the participants. Face shields are not accepted unless a mask is worn underneath it. Social distancing must be maintained, even if the group has travelled together.

Preparing for the overnight

What to bring?

  • Back packs, duffle bags or small roller suitcases “carry-on” size luggage is ideal.
  • Sleeping bag and sleeping pad (sleeping pad goes under your sleeping bag) Sleeping pads are highly recommended as we do not allow air mattresses and the floor is carpeted, but still hard.
  • Pillows and extra blankets as the air conditioning does get cold, even in summer, so it is always a good idea to bring an extra blanket.
  • Basic toiletries such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, and hair brushes are ideal and wet wipes are a great way to freshen up since we do not have showers.
  • Pajamas.
  • Clothing should be comfortable. Casual clothes and good walking shoes are recommended. Remember to bring a jacket or sweater no matter what time of year you are coming.
  • Charging banks are a great idea and allow you to charge your device without an outlet. There are some outlets available in the sleeping area as well as charging stations around the center but you are not guaranteed a sleeping location near an outlet.
  • Money for gift shop.
  • Food/snacks if you have food allergies or are unable to partake in the provided meals, you may bring your own. However, NO food or drinks can be consumed in sleeping areas.
  • Medical forms for every scout and adult are required to be brought to the Overnight Program. The adult chaperone should have them readily available if needed for an emergency.
  • What NOT to bring?
    Please keep in mind that you will be sleeping with other troops and packs and we ask that you show the same courtesy and respect to them that you would like them to show you. Think of it as an indoor-camping trip and the camp site, just like in the forest, has a few rules so that everyone has a safe and enjoyable time.

  • Air mattresses and cots, the only exception to this rule is if you or someone in your party has a medical condition. If you did not already request to bring one in the comments section of your registration, please email Reservations or the Program Coordinator.
  • Glow sticks (flash lights and phone lights are ok)
  • Electrical hair appliances (blow dryers, straighteners, curling irons etc.)
  • Only registered scouts and their leaders/chaperones attend the Overnight Program. Chaperones are not permitted to bring any children who are not registered or who do not meet the designated age level or gender requirements for the Overnight Program. Adding Additional Scouts or Adults to Your Reservation? If you need to add more scouts or adults to your reservation, please call Reservations at +1 281-283-4755.
  • Medical Conditions

  • If you have a medical condition that does not allow you to sleep on the floor and you need to bring an air mattress or cot, please let us know as soon as possible before the camp so that we can accommodate you.
  • If you need to bring a CPAP machine, let us know so that we can place you near an outlet.
  • If you have any allergies to food, you can view the current menu and list of ingredients that will be offered during the Overnight Program, on our website at any time. If you need to bring your own food, you may do so.
  • Our Instructors and staff will not administer any medication to anyone. If a child is bringing prescription medicine that needs to be taken during the event, then either their parent/guardian or adult chaperone must administer it to them.
  • First Aid

  • We do have a first aid kit with very basic supplies for minor injuries or illnesses. The Security department also has a fully equipped first aid kit.
  • The troop/pack leader needs to have all of the medical forms for every student and parent readily available in case of an emergency.
  • Cancellation and Refund Policies

  • Cancellations to your reservations may be made up until 6 weeks before the date of your event.
  • Refunds will only be given up until 6 weeks before the date of your event.
  • If your camp is less than 6 weeks away and you are not able to attend, you can reschedule individuals or your entire group and apply your ticket(s) to another Stars & STEM event.
  • If Space Center Houston cancels your camp due to bad weather or other unforeseen circumstances, we will either refund you or you can apply your tickets to another Stars & STEM date.
  • Rescheduling your event date can be done by calling Reservations at +1 281-283-4755. Please note that all dates are subject to availability.
  • Is there 24-hour security available?
    Yes! Safety is Space Center Houston’s number one concern. Security personnel are at each camp-in round-the-clock, as well as patrolling the outside area.

    Is there a first aid facility?
    Space Center Houston houses a first aid station that is available during the day. For the overnight, each group is responsible for a First Aid Responder being present. Space Center Houston Camp Staff has access to a basic first aid kit for your use.

    What are leader/chaperone responsibilities during an overnight?
    Space Center Houston’s policy requires that all campers be under the direct supervision of an adult leader at all times. The counselors really need your help with: maintaining discipline/attention, staying with your team, upbeat attitude (campers mirror you), helping the campers with some activities. Leaders must have all of the participants’ (campers and adults) medical forms readily available in case of an emergency.

    How much sleep will we get?
    About as much sleep as you would get from a slumber party with 350 people. Sleep time is about 8 hours. Lights out ranges from 10:30-11:30 p.m. depending on the camper/scout level evening.

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