Explorer Camps for ages 4-5

Our Explorer Camp experiences educate campers in an immersive way while also maintaining health and safety. In addition to immersive educational activities, campers tour inspiring Space Center Houston exhibits, see flown spacecraft, watch live presentations and films, and go behind the scenes at NASA Johnson Space Center. Browse the summer Explorer Camps for ages 4-5 below and register today!

Build rockets

Design space habitats

Program robots

Parents must review the parent guide, which includes changes to the camp policies and procedures. Parent Guide

Mars Explorers

June 14-18, July 12-16, Aug. 9-13 | $289.95 5-day Explorer Camp

This five-day camp mission is to explore Mars’ surface and its climate through engineering challenges and science experiments. Campers will understand Mars’ position in our Solar System along with expanding their knowledge of astronaut training, circuits, robotics, and rocketry for future exploration.


Beginner Bots

June 7-11, July 5-9, Aug. 2-6 | $289.95 5-day Explorer Camp

These young robot engineers learn how to design, build, and program robots in this five-day adventure. Get creative with problem-solving techniques and coding skills by using a variety of robots and technology to overcome space related challenges.


Junior Space Explorers

June 21-25, July 19-23 | $289.95 5-day Explorer Camp

During this weeklong adventure, campers learn about astronauts, the planets, engineering, and robotics through hands-on play. Whether exploring how gravity affects moving objects, programing a robot, or creating solar system art, your camper is inspired to learn about the world around them and beyond.


Our Place in Space

June 28-July 2, July 26-30 | $289.95 5-day Explorer Camp

During this weeklong exploration mission, campers discover all the features that make Earth the most desirable place for us to call home. Mission objectives include learning all about the Earth cycles and Earth’s position in the solar system through art and STEM activities.


Exploration Basics

June 1-4 | $229.95 4-day Explorer Camp

Learning about space at an early age is the key to inspiring future generations of space explorers. During this four-day experience, campers are engaged in understanding the role rockets and robots play in space travel. These engineers-in-training learn basics of structural design and what it takes to send an astronaut into space.


Parents must review the parent guide, which includes changes to the camp policies and procedures. Parent Guide

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