Summer Camps Ages 10-11

Save your space now for an amazing educational camp experience designed for young science and space explorers!

Space Center Houston offers a variety of age-appropriate, educational camp experiences. Your child will engage in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) activities, while learning about space exploration, taking part in space-themed interactive experiences and exploring all that Space Center Houston has to offer!

Engineering Space

June 25-29, July 23-27, Aug. 13-17 | $350

Does your child like to design and create new things? Does your future engineer like robots? During this weeklong engineering camp your child can add their name to the list of young inventors designing their way into the future. Through robotics platforms and engineering design challenges, campers will let their creativity flow. Campers will have the opportunity to develop solutions to space-related challenges while also having the space needed to develop inventive designs.
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Day Camps - Engineering Space

Journey Beyond

June 4-8, July 30-Aug. 3 | $289.95
July 2-6 (excluding July 4) | $229.95

What does it take to go beyond Earth? How do astronauts survive in the vacuum of space? How will we get to Mars? Can we go farther? During this weeklong camp, participants will develop an understanding of all these things and more. Through hands-on engineering challenges and the use of robotics and creative design, all campers will learn what it takes to go beyond Earth and be inspired to find ways to take part in our journey to explore the solar system.
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Day Camps - Journey Beyond

Mars and Beyond

June 17-22, July 16-20, Aug. 6-10 | $289.95

This five-day Martian challenge will inspire your junior engineer to collaborate and find solutions to the complications of deep space settlement. Participants will engage in engineering design challenges, use robotic platforms and delve into activities such as thermal and habitat design and rocketry.
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Day Camps - Mars and Beyond

Robotics and Beyond

June 11-15, July 9-13 | $350

First solve the problem, then write the code. During this weeklong robotics adventure, campers will use a variety of robotics platforms to solve space exploration themed challenges and learn more about our universe. Campers will gain confidence as they learn how to successfully code and program various robotics in fun and engaging ways. The week will leave your camper feeling confident, inspired and ready to solve the problems of the future.
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Day Camps - Robotics and Beyond

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