Control a computer using the power of your mind, race against a Paralympian, and see how a bionic eye works in our all-new spring exhibit, Bionic Me, Feb. 22 – May 3. Bionic Me, developed by Scitech and produced by Imagine Exhibitions, explores the inventive and ingenious medical and industrial breakthroughs that have helped enhance the human experience and contains interactive full-body experiences.

Climb into an exoskeleton to see what you can do with enhanced strength, fly a virtual jetpack, and use a sensor to control a prosthetic arm.

Using inspiration from nature and human ingenuity, experience how technology can enhance your body, increase your potential and equip you for the future.

Explore an immersive mixture of hands-on experiences and challenges focusing on how technology can help us overcome our natural limits.

Guests are encouraged to think about technology’s potential to change people’s experiences and interactions with the world around them.

Use the power of your mind to move a ball, and learn how this can create possibilities for people with mobility impairments. Use night vision to see in the dark and explore how technology can provide camouflage to make you invisible. Use voice commands to learn about computational linguistics and its applications in medicine, workplaces and recreation.

Space Center Houston exclusive: explore how robotic technology and innovations in wearable electronics are helping NASA astronauts do more and stay healthy in space.

Explore how technology can enhance your abilities and integrate with your body in our spring exhibit, Bionic Me, on display Feb. 22 – May 3.

Enhance your experience by downloading the exhibit companion guide and sensory guide.

Bionic Me at a glance

  • Understand your body and the various limitations placed on it.
  • See how nature is a good place to find inspiration for enhancements.
  • Explore how technology can enhance our experiences and the world around us.
  • Discover inspiring and fulfilling careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math).