Be part of the mission this spring at Space Center Houston

Find out what NASA is working on, from the Moon to Mars and inside Mission Control, this spring at Space Center Houston! Explore the cosmos and take part in more than 400 things to see and do including an all-new spring exhibit, a world premiere space screening, astronaut appearances and much more.

Bionic Me

Delve into the science behind the latest technology. Space Center Houston’s all-new, interactive spring exhibit Bionic Me, developed by Scitech and produced by Imagine Exhibitions, is inspired by nature and human ingenuity. Fly a virtual jetpack. Use a sensor to control a prosthetic arm. Learn to move a ball with the power of your mind. Climb into an exoskeleton to see what you can do with enhanced strength. This new exhibit is open Feb. 22-May 3.

Meet an astronaut

Hear space stories from a hero. Astronaut presentations take place inside our Space Center Theater and at Rocket Park this spring. Hear from an astronaut each day and learn about their mission experiences. The astronauts featured this spring worked on pioneering NASA missions including helping to build the International Space Station.
Astronaut Mike Foreman conducting a spacewalk with Earth behind him
March 2008 - Astronaut Mike Foreman, STS-123 mission specialist, participates in the mission's second scheduled session of extravehicular activity (EVA) as construction and maintenance continued on the International Space Station.

Rocket Park presentations take place at 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.
  • March 7: Mike Foreman
  • March 9-11: Rick Hieb
  • March 12: Jerry Ross
  • March 13: Mike Baker
  • March 14: Tony Antonelli
Space Center Theater presentations take place at 11 a.m. and 1:20 p.m.
  • March 7: Ken Cameron
  • March 9-12: Mike Baker
  • March 20-21: Ken Cameron
  • March 27-28: Jerry Ross
  • April 3-4: Mark Polansky
  • April 10-11: Rick Hieb
  • April 17: Leroy Chiao
  • April 18: Clay Anderson
  • April 24-25: John-David Bartoe
For a premier experience, purchase a ticket to have Lunch with an Astronaut. Click here to learn more about this unique opportunity.

Train like an astronaut

Come behind the scenes with Space Center University and experience space exploration! Space Center U® is a challenging multi-day program offered year-round to individuals and groups ages 11+. Design space habitats, launch rockets, program robots and more. There's still time to sign up for spring break! Click here to learn more and register.

Explore NASA

Our NASA Tram Tour takes guests behind the scenes to NASA Johnson Space Center. Experience the Space Vehicle Mockup Facility, the Shuttle Avionics Integration Laboratory, the Neutral Buoyancy Lab and Rocket Park. Due to changes in availability of NASA Johnson Space Center facilities, we are not able to offer the NASA Tram Tour to Mission Control. All NASA Tram Tours are subject to change.

The NASA Tram Tour will drop off at Independence Plaza March 9-13. Inside Independence Plaza, refuel your space adventure and grab a bite to eat from the Launch Pad or our food truck.

Schedule and activities are subject to change.

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Tips to plan your spring adventure

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Create your own journey.

Download the free Space Center Houston app for an interactive mobile experience. The app features self-guided virtual tours, augmented reality, videos and audio stories about the future and historic feats in human space exploration. To download the app, go to the App Store or Google Play.

Purchase your tickets and parking pass online.

Tickets are available online at, in the app, and at the door. Prices range from $24.95 for children to $29.95 for adults, with discounts for seniors and members of the military.

Become a member.

As a member, you can come back free as often as you like for one year, plus get access to the Members Lounge March 9-13 as well as priority boarding on the NASA Tram Tour.

Check out our tips and advice.

Get itinerary recommendations on our guide webpage Explore advice to help plan the perfect space adventure on our visitor information webpage. And don't miss our tips to stay healthy during your spring break mission.
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