Stellar Science Show

Become a space scientist when you participate in our Stellar Science Show! Ignite your curiosity in space and science with innovative live shows that deliver advanced science concepts in an engaging and easy-to-understand way.

Produced and performed by experienced professionals, the presentation brings science concepts to life. Rad Rhonda or Cosmic Rob teach the foundations of Newton’s third law of motion, as well as the basics of gravity and how space affects the human body in a demo that captivates all ages.

You can see how the extreme temperatures of space affect different objects as Rad Rhonda dips them in liquid nitrogen to illustrate the freezing cold experienced in space. Rad Rhonda, who always wears her tie-dyed lab coat, is sure to excite with a plethora of knowledge and exciting experiments.

In under 30 minutes you will become a scientist, discovering and challenging scientific principles in interactive experiments led by our knowledgeable educators. You will learn what would happen to an astronaut who didn’t wear a spacesuit during a spacewalk while learning about pressure and space.

The Stellar Science Show is located in front of SpaceTrader gift shop in the main plaza. Show times vary but are usually four times per day (please check daily schedule or ask a crew member for show times).

Become a space scientist today!