Planet Pioneers

Chart your own course to explore the cosmos in our all-new fall exhibit Planet Pioneers. Explore, adapt and survive on a mission to colonize a new planet Oct. 6 – Jan. 20.

The interactive exhibit, created by Scitech of Western Perth, Australia and produced by Imagine Exhibitions, puts aspiring astronauts and space explorers to the test as they attempt to source their own food, shelter and solve problems in an unknown world.

Experience hands-on challenges to find water and oxygen, grow food in a foreign atmosphere and build shelter to survive the elements. Drive a 4-D Surface Exploration Vehicle, fly a virtual drone to solve environmental issues and experience the effects of g-force in a spinning capsule.

Face full-body challenges, pack the right equipment for the voyage, recruit crew members and learn about the surrounding planets in the solar system. Learn how resources can be conserved and what techniques may be used to grow fresh food to sustain astronauts and reduce payload.

Explore the top Planet Pioneers activities:

Exploring the surface of another planet gives useful information about our new home. Different vehicles are needed for different terrains and atmospheres. Climb into the Surface Exploration Vehicle and take a virtual drive to see what you can find.
Drones can be used to explore environments which could be dangerous for humans. Fly a virtual drone around a planetary habitat to locate the problems for your team to fix. Identifying problems quickly helps to maintain a healthy habitat.
You will need protection from extreme temperatures and radiation to live on another planet. Construct a scale model of a habitat for your new home.
Longer space missions will need astronauts to grow their own food. Can you find the right combinations of ingredients to grow the most potatoes?
Putting a rocket into orbit needs a lot of thrust. Pump the “fuel” to launch a bottle rocket.
Training on a centrifuge helps astronauts cope with the effects of low gravity on their bodies. Climb into our “centrifuge” capsule, increase the speed of rotation and see how many Gs you can spin.

Educator guide
Click here to download a free copy of the educator guide with 18 unique activities covering a variety of grade levels.

Leave Earth this fall and find out if you have what it takes to explore, adapt and survive on another planet. Test the boundaries of planetary exploration beginning Oct. 6!

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