The City of Webster is a Preferred Partner of Space Center Houston and the ideal destination for travelers exploring Space City.

Positioned halfway between the culture and vibrancy of downtown Houston and the sun and surf of Galveston, Webster is just down the street from Space Center Houston and offers a wide range of delicious cuisines with over 100 restaurants. With more than 2,200 businesses, the City of Webster offers many hotels, dozens of family-friendly entertainment options and great nightlife hotspots. It has all the accommodations and conveniences needed to plan the perfect Space City getaway, so book your hotel and plan your stay today.

Space connections to Webster
Webster was incorporated in 1958, shortly before NASA announced that it would build what is now called Johnson Space Center. Naturally, NASA served as a catalyst to grow the City of Webster and the region. Webster is home to many aerospace companies who are working on the Orion program and mission operations for the International Space Station.

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